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10 Beautiful And Colorful Plants That Bloom All Summer

If you are considering gardening for the summer, learn more about the garden flowers that bloom all summer. When choosing, don’t just look at the beauty of the flowers. Choose the flowers that are comfortable with the climate in which you live and where you plant them. Some flowers prefer bright sunshine while others prefer shade on the balcony.

In the garden, you can plant perennial flowers that will cheer you up the up following summer. Perennials that bloom throughout the summer are plentiful. Here are some of them.

Colorful Flowers That Bloom In Summer

  • Dahlia

Dahlia is a perennial plant with large flowers that come in all colors. This plant likes sunny or poorly shaded places, and it blooms until the fall. The aboveground part of the plant grows from 60 cm to 2 meters.

  • Waterhyssop

Another perennial plant that blooms all summer is bacopa. It is an extremely medicinal plant and contains numerous small white flowers. It tolerates sunny places and heat but needs to be watered regularly.

  • Lavender

A popular ornamental plant is lavender, which can grow up to 1.2 meters. It likes warm and dry places. In addition to its wonderful odor, it also has medicinal properties and can act as a pest control.

  • Beeblossom

Beeblossom or wandflower is another perennial that blooms all summer long. It is bush shaped and can grow up to 1.5 meters. It blooms from June until the first frost and withstands drought very well.

  • Pelargoniums

This flower blooms in different shades (red, pink, white) and grows up to 90 cm. It blossoms all year long if exposed to the sun and temperatures above 13 ° C, but it doesn’t like high humidity.

  •  Gaillardia

Also known as blanket flowers, it’s a plant with most colorful and vibrant flowers. This flower blooms until fall. It grows up to 80 cm and brings the biggest joy to the bees. It loves sunny places and can tolerate summer droughts.

  • Anegeloniums

This flower is suitable for planting in jars and grows up to 25 cm. It usually blooms in purple or white color by the end of October.  Summer snapdragons prefer moderate moisture and sunshine and fertilization every two weeks.

  • Verbena

Another flower that is very fond of the sun (and will withstand drought) is verbena. In addition to looking beautiful with its purple flowers, it is also extremely healing. It can be planted on balconies and is not demanding for maintenance. So, it should be watered when its soil is dry.

  • Floss flower

This plant loves strong sun even though it belongs to annual flowers. The flowers bloom all summer long and are blue-purple in color. The plant grows 15 – 35 cm, depending on the species. It does not withstand too much watering, although the soil humidity must be maintained regularly.

  • Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a beautiful shrub that blooms all summer long in different colors – white, purple, pink, blue, etc. It enjoys the morning sun and is best planted in early spring or late fall. You should remove the dry flowers regularly to encourage the growth of the new ones.

summer plants

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Perennials That Bloom in Summer

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