insect repellent plants

10 Plants To Grow This Spring That Act As A Natural Insect Repellent

Spring and summer nights have become unbearable with mosquitoes. In addition to chemicals, plants that repel mosquitoes with their scent can help us fight them. In our gardens, yards, balconies, or terraces, we can grow various plant species, which will repel mosquitoes, but also other annoying insects like flies, spiders, moths, etc.

These are the best plants to grow in your garden or on your balcony that act as a natural insect repellent.

Top 10 Plants That Act As An Insect Repellent


Mosquitoes do not like the smell of rosemary.  You should place a pot with rosemary on the window sill and mosquitoes will not enter the room, especially when the rosemary is in bloom. The scent of rosemary will be more intense if you shake the plant lightly and thus more efficient. In addition, rosemary leaves will help relieve itching and swelling from mosquito bites. You can make a mosquito repellent from rosemary essential oil as well.


On balconies and terraces, you can plant basil, as it is the strongest repellent. With its scent, basil will repel mosquitoes and other insects. If mosquito bites you, rub that place with basil leaves – you will reduce itching. Today, there are many varieties of basil, which will complement each space with its color, smell, and appearance.


You already know this plant because it’s very popular. Apart from the fact that lavender will repel mosquitoes with its scent, it will calm you down and have a positive effect on your mood. In addition to the fresh lavender plant, which we grow, dried lavender can help us fight moths.


Lemongrass has a beautiful, lemony scent and can be found as a composition of many mosquito repellents. It grows well in pots.


Marigold is another plant that repels various insects with its scent. If you want a plant that will bloom all summer and decorate the space with its flowers, then marigold is the right choice. Marigolds are sown in gardens and yards. Its smell will repel mosquitoes and other insects, and it acts on nematodes and other pests in the soil.


In addition to mosquitoes, mint will repel ants, fleas, and various other insects with its scent. Bouquets of dried mint have an unpleasant smell for mice as well.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm can also be used for mosquito bites. It is enough to press the crushed leaf on the place of the sting and it will itch less. If you drip the juice from the leaves on the site of the sting, the itching will completely disappear.


For cat lovers, catnip is an excellent choice, which will repel many insects with its scent. People who do not like cats should avoid growing catnip because this plant species is irresistible to cats.


Ageratum is an annual flowering plant that is perfect for your garden. The color of the flowers can be blue, white, or purple. Flowering lasts until the first autumn frosts. Your home and balcony will be protected from mosquitoes for a long period of time.

Lemon myrtle

Lemon myrtle has a strong lemony scent because of its high citral content. It is a perennial plant and will protect you from mosquitoes for many years. Since it grows up to 10 meters, you can use it to form a place for resting in your garden.

insect repellent plants

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