10 Secrets To Help You Memorize Things Easily

Has it ever happened to you to lose the flow of thought in mid-sentence? Most probably, it has happened to every one of us. Trying to memorize something is an active process, and to use it, we need to pay attention to planning and organizing.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks and strategies that can help you overcome the moments when the brains simply ‘stops’. With a little effort and these tips, everything you learn will stay longer in your head.

How To Memorize Things Easily

1. Connect Your Memory To The Environment

Memory specialists often advise us to pay attention to the environment where something has happened, to make it easier to remember.

2. Learn Something New Before Bedtime

One of the best ways to consolidate your memory is to go through the information just before going to bed. By being the last thing we do before falling asleep, the new memories will be easier to remember the next day.

3. Acronym

Take the first letters of the information you’re trying to memorize, and form your own acronym. This way, the moment you look at it, you’ll refresh your memory really fast.

4. Take Breaks And Exercise

Studies show that it’s necessary to take short breaks while studying. During these breaks, it’s best not to occupy your mind, but your body. Thus, instead of watching TV, you can do 10 crunches or pushups, to stimulate the work your brain and body.

5. Forget About Alcohol

While alcohol can help you fall asleep, it has detrimental effects on concentration and memory. We all know this! Thus, when trying to memorize new things, it’s best to avoid it!

6. Listen To Your Voice

An easy method for me to remember things is to listen to my voice. Just say it out loud – I locked the door! Or – I left the car keys on the cabinet next to the entrance door! Try it! You’ll see how effective it is!

7. Chunking

Bound the information you’re trying to memorize in a meaningful whole. For example, when someone gives you a phone number, such as 3895700547, break it into chunks. This is how I would break it: 389 95 700 547. This method will make it easier to memorize the number visually, and retrieve it later on.


8. Use An Image

A type of memory aid is to rely on images, not words. Namely, visual learners construct a mental image of the new information they’re trying to learn, which is often described as ‘seeing’.

Also, paying attention to shapes, angles, colors, and textures can help you to improve your long-term memory.

9. Association

Associating new information with what you already know has proven to be an effective method for memorizing things easily.

10. Repeat To Memorize

Repeat the new information several times. Simply, just say it out loud. Also, it would be good if you write it down on paper, to make it easier for your mind to remember.

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