11 Unique Physical Features And Skills Of The Human Body

Every person has a unique character. But, did you know that we have unique body parts and features as well? Here we show you a few physical features and skills that only a small percentage of the human population has, and therefore, are considered to be unique.

Unique Physical Features And Skills Of The Human Body

1. Tongue Flexibility

Tongue flexibility is highly dependent on certain tongue muscles and their length. Besides genetics, some environmental factors can also influence this trait. For instance, due to the unusual features of their native language, the percentage of people with flexible tongues is higher among Indians.

Recent research shows that approx. 63 percent of people can roll the edges of the tongue upwards, into a tube; 14 percent can fold it in half; and only 1 percent can shape it in the form of a 3-leaf clover.

2. Touching Your Tongue To Your Elbow

Less than 1 percent of the world population has this ability. In order to do this, you need to have a really long tongue and good flexibility of your body.

3. Wiggle Your Toes Individually

Don’t take this literally. You can’t wiggle all your toes individually. This applies only to the big toe and little toe, because they have individual muscles. The remaining three toes are fitted with only one muscle. However, most people can wiggle only their big toe. Moving the little toe is considered a unique feature only in a minority of people.

4. Wiggle Your Ears

Can you move your ears? If yes, you’re not the only one! But, it’s still considered a unique feature. Namely, people who can do this, have the ability to control the movement of the ear muscles, a feature that was well developed among our ancestors. Today, about 22 percent of the world population can wiggle one ear, while approx. 18 percent can wiggle both.

5. Lift One Eyebrow

Good control of your facial muscles will give you the ability to lift only one of your eyebrows. What’s interesting is that people who are born with this ability usually can wiggle their ears as well.

6. Auricular Tubercle

Auricular tubercle, also known as Darwin’s tubercle, is a swelling or thickening of the ear helix, protruding to the inside or outside. Less than 10 percent of people have this unusual trait, and it’s believed that they have a better ability of sensing and detecting vocal tones, and distinguishing sounds.

7. Cheek Dimples

Close to 25 percent of people in the world have dimples. This is in fact a muscle defect, where a small bundle of the zygomatic muscle is affixed to the bone. Therefore, when the person having it smiles, a small part of the cheek is pulled inward. Dimples are more visible in people with chubby cheeks.

8. Diastema

Diastema is a gap between the front teeth, and about 20 percent of people have it. According to dentists, this is an anomaly that needs fixing. But, some people think of it as a unique feature that adds uniqueness to their physical appearance.

9. Tiny Holes Above The Ears

We can notice a tiny hole above one or both ears in about 5 percent of the world population. The reason for the existence of this hole and its role in the human body is yet to be confirmed. But, some scientists argue that it’s an evolutionary heritage of gills, tissues used by most fish to exchange gases.


10. Missing Tendon In The Wrist

Gather the fingers of one of your hands and tense the muscles of your wrist. Can you see a tendon protruding on the inner side of your wrist? If not, it means that you’re missing the palmaris longus muscle. Approximately 14 percent of people worldwide have this feature.

11. A Hitchhiker’s Thumb

Distal hyperextensibility of the thumb, or a hitchhiker’s thumb, is a considered to be a genetic feature. The presence of a special gene gives people the ability to bend the upper phalanx of their thumb at a large angle, close to 90 degrees. Close to 25 percent the world population have this recessive trait.

How about you? Do you have any of these unique body features and skills?

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