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2 Easy And Effective Methods To Clean And Degrease Your Oven Rack

The oven is a real pain when it’s come to cleaning. No matter how useful they are for baking, we avoid them due to dirt, which is so difficult to clean. Although we often use closed refractory containers or aluminum foil, stubborn stains in the oven inevitably appear.

When you decide to clean the oven, you know that a difficult job awaits you. There are plenty of cleaners that clean and degrease the oven. Some of them are effective, and the others are not. But almost every product contains heavy chemicals.

To avoid spending money on these products,  try to clean your oven with these simple tricks.

How To Clean Your Oven Racks

First, remove the oven racks and transfer them to your bathtub. But, before you do that put old towels in the bathtub to avoid any damage. Once you’ve done that fill the bathtub with hot water and place six dryer sheets and half a cup of dishwashing detergent( you can use any type you what).

Leave them to overnight to soak well.

In the morning, your oven racks will be degreased and clean. However, you will still need to rub them a little bit with the help of the dryer sheets that you previously put in the bathtub. The dirt will easily come off and you will have perfectly clean oven racks.

Another great method is to make a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent. In a large bowl mix 300 ml of baking soda, 60 ml of white vinegar, 250 ml water, 10 drops orange essential oil and two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent. With a painting brush, apply the mixture to the entire oven surface and leave to stand overnight. Because this mixture is thick, in the morning it will foam and dry off and that’s completely normal.  Just take one clean cloth or scrubber and a bucket filled with water.

Gently wipe the mixture off your oven and let it dry. You will need to change the water once it gets dirty.

In the end, wipe one more time with a dry cloth so your oven gets completely dry.  The great thing about this cleaning method is that it’s eco-friendly which means that you don’t need to worry about dumping any toxic chemicals residues down your drains.

And one final tip, clean your oven regularly because old stains are very hard to get rid off and require a little bit more effort.  According to experts, you should clean it every 3-6 months and even more often if needed.

oven racks

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