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3 Ways To Use Basil Leaves As A Natural Remedy

Namely, its name comes from the Greek word basileus meaning king, since even the ancient Greeks considered it as king of spices. Of course, we’re talking about basil (Ocimum basilicum).

This truly special spice comes from India. It grows as a perennial plant. But in colder areas, it doesn’t grow because it is sensitive to cold. However, it grows best in warm and dry conditions and should not be planted outside until it is warm enough (until May), making it sometimes difficult to grow. Basil is a small shrub that can grow from 30 to 60 centimeters. The leaves are light green in color and grow opposite each other. So, if you run your fingers through them you can smell their special scent.

Basil Is The King Of Spices

Basil is an attractive plant that you can sow in any type of garden: vegetable garden, flower garden or with other spices. Also, it is an essential spice in many dishes. Basil gives a unique taste and brings up a fresh and aromatic flavor to your favorite meals.

Besides flavoring your meals, it also has healing properties. Moreover,  this herb contains a large number of powerful oils, which is why it is used in perfume production.

  1. Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent

Basil can be used in several ways. Its fresh aromatic leaves have potent anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why it’s a great supplement for people with joint swelling and arthritis patients.

British Pharmaceutical Conference’s scientists concluded that Ocimum americanum and Ocimum tenuiflorum extracts which are two sorts of basil can reduce the swelling in the joints for up to 73% in 24 hours.

Vaibhav Shinde, of Poona College of Pharmacy in India, conducted research on basil. He found out that the two types of basil worked very similar to anti-inflammatory drugs that are used in patients with arthritis. Basil extract pills are not yet available on the market but proper basil intake and nutrition can have an anti-inflammatory effect. If you are able to get Asian basil, which is richer in eugenol, you will benefit from it the most.

  1. Aids in the fight against common cold and bronchitis

A mixture of basil leaves with ginger and honey is an excellent remedy for treating various respiratory diseases, such as colds, bronchitis and sinus infections. Basil oils cineole, camphene, and eugenol have antibacterial properties that can help open the mucus-blocked airways.

  1. Helps Quit Smoking

Chewing basil leaves reduces your craving for a cigarette. Just one leaf is enough to reduce your cigarette craving. Whenever you feel the need to light a cigarette, take 1-2 basil leaves wash them toughly and chew them.


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Did you know that basil leaves help you quit smoking?

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