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4 Different Methods To Freeze Ginger That Keep Its Numerous Science-Backed Benefits

Ginger is one of the most widely used spices worldwide. There is almost no store or counter of healthy food on the market that does not sell it. Together with turmeric and cardamom, it makes a unique family of spices from Asia. Ginger root is a part of this plant and we use it as a medicine, because of the specific substances it contains.

The taste is strong, zesty and spicy, and the aroma is reminiscent of citrus. The ginger taste is stronger as the plant matures.

What Makes Ginger So Special And Unique?

Gingerol is a type of oil resin that originates from ginger root. It is a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger contains over 100 bioactive compounds, minerals and vitamins, such as B6 and vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, calcium. Numerous studies confirm the fact that ginger should be included in the daily diet.

Ginger can boost your immunity, which is very important, especially when you are often sick, tired and weak.

Freeze Ginger To Preserve It

You probably purchased some ginger root but you didn’t use all of it. If you leave the ginger it will dry off or get moldy so you must preserve it the right way. To prevent spoiling the ginger you can use these methods to save it.

The best way to preserve ginger roots is to freeze it. However, there are 4 types of freezing that you can use. We will explain all of them!

  1. Freezing the entire ginger root

If you use this method, do not remove the skin from the root. Firstly, rinse the ginger root with water. Then, transfer the ginger roots to freezer containers or air sealed bags. This way your ginger will last eight to twelve months without spoiling.

  1. Cubed ginger

For this method, you should wash the ginger root and then peel it. Afterward, cut it into small cubes. Place the pieces on a baking sheet or a plate and leave them uncovered. Put them in the freezer, and leave them. This way you will the ginger parts won’t jump off and you can take as many pieces as you want

  1. Minced ginger

Initially, rinse the ginger carefully. Then, you can peel off its skin or leave it. However, you choose to do it it’s ok. Next, take a fine grater and grind you ginger. You can also use a food processor if you have one. Afterward, take one spoon of the ginger paste and transfer it into an ice cube tray. Repeat the procedure until all the ginger paste is used. Put it in the freezer, and that’s it. This way, your ginger will last up to six months.

  1. Sliced ginger

This process is quite simple. First of all, peel the ginger.  Later, what you need to do is cut the ginger into small round discs. Put the ginger discs into freezer bags and place them in the freezer. This technique will make your ginger last 3 months.

How do you store ginger? Tell us in the comments down below.

freeze ginger

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