4 Tricks For Cleaning The Ice On The Stairs And Sidewalk Quickly And Effectively

Frozen stairs was not an innocent thing, sure many who experienced a fall on icy stairs finished with fractures and pain. In the snowy and wintery days, we always bring mud, water, and snow on the stairs. A layer of ice is formed over time and our staircase becomes a dangerous place. Of course, you do not want you nor your guests to risk fractures. It is important that you regularly clean the snow, but also that you have a strategy to prevent it.

We bring tips on how to dissolve the ice on your stair and prevent the formation of a new layer.

4 Tips On How To Clean The Ice From Your Stairway

Dish detergent and rubbing alcohol

Mix 2 liters of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent and 30 (or more) ml of 70% alcohol. Pour into the spray bottle and spray the stairway or you can directly pour it on the stairs and sidewalk. The ice will quickly disappear, and a new layer will not form. (You can also use only rubbing 70 % alcohol because the alcohol has a lower freezing point then the water -89 degrees Celsius).

Salt and sand

Naturally, salt (bitter, sea or table) are quite effective. Just sprinkle it on the ice and let it work. It’s not the cleanest way, but it’s effective. You can mix with plain sand to prevent slipping. However, you use salt only in extreme cases because it can damage the staircase (especially if it is wooden). You can try out the same technique but with coffee grounds.ice


This fertilizer is effective in melting ice as well, if it comes in contact plants it can damage them especially when the snow melts.

Baking soda

Part of it will act as such because it contains sodium in certain amounts. Sprinkle it over the frozen staircase, and then sprinkle sand over it. Check the stairs and repeat the procedure if necessary.

We hope these tips help you melt the ice away this winter and prevent broken bones, twisted ligaments, and pain.

Reference: How to Clean Ice off a Sidewalk

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