5 Amazingly Beautiful Plants For Your Bathroom That Absorb Moisture And Clean The Air

Do you know what looks beautiful in a cool, tiled bathroom? Plants! Not only do they complement the look of the interior and bring the taste of nature into the bathroom, but also the clean air. If you’re going green, read what plants like moist and dark spaces.

Where do you usually hold the plants? Yes, one weeping fig is in the living room, one rubber plant in the corridor, and one cactus gathers the sun on the windows.

Plants are most commonly found in our living and sleeping rooms, in places where they come to light and enjoy the sunlight. Apart from looking nice, the plants in the house clean the air we breathe.

And did you ever think about putting a plant in the bathroom?

Amazing Plants For Your Bathroom That Absorb Moisture

There are many plants that prefer dark and humid places. Aside from the fact that they will bring a tinge of nature inside the cold walls covered with tiles, the plants will contribute to the purification of the air in the bathroom and absorb the moisture.

You can put a plant on a washbasin, near the bathtub, on the floor or you can make a green wall if have limited space. Make sure that the containers in which they are planted can’t be broken easily, choose wicker baskets or plastic pots.

Here are the top five plants that will survive in your bathroom:

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and it loves humid areas. Hence, it is why it’s a good choice for the bathroom. When the bamboo overgrows, you can shape it and trim it the way you like it.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant known for its healing properties and doesn’t require too much attention as a home-grown plant. It needs a small dose of sunlight and it is a great candidate for the bathroom. Therefore, you do not even have to worry if you have water this beautiful plant because it does not need much water to survive. A little bit of moisture is enough to keep it healthy, that’s why it’s great for your bathroom.

  1. Orchid

Orchids belong to one of the largest family of flowering plants with more than 20,000 species. They are low maintenance plants and like warm and humid spaces. In addition, all orchids are perennial plants. White orchids are very common and will add luxury to your bathroom, but you can choose any color of your desire.

  1. Philodendron

Philodendron is a plant that easily grows in humid and dark environments and therefore it is the perfect for bathrooms that do not have any natural light. The only difficulty is that it usually grows in width, so over time, it takes up a lot of space.

  1. Snake plant

Snake plant also called the Indian feather or Mother-in-law’s tongue is a beautiful plant with greeny-yellowish sharp leaves. It is a roomy plant that is resistant to various living conditions. Therefore, snake plant is perfect for a bathroom plant.  We recommend this plant to anyone who is not exactly a ” plant caretaker “.

Reference: 16 Best Plants That Thrive In Your Bathroom

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