5 Gross Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Shoes In Your Home

For humanity, shoes are a great invention because they allow us to walk calmly, without fear of hurting the soles of our feet. Even in the era before Christ, people have been wearing a type of soft shoes.

Today, we never leave our homes without putting our shoes on. And sometimes, we even wear them in our homes. But, this is not a smart thing to do, due to a few ecological and health-related reasons.

As we were growing up, my brothers, sisters and I had a habit of taking off our shoes at the outside door, as our mother thought us to be careful and not to stain the white carpet in our home.

Today, with me being a mother, I would think twice before buying a white carpet. White is probably not the best color for a big family with five kids. Nonetheless, in many cultures around the world, it’s a custom to take off the shoes before entering yours or someone else’s home.

Let’s take South Korea as an example. In their apartments, the Koreans have designated areas for their shoes, and for those of their visitors. Also, it’s a custom to provide comfortable slippers that the guests can use during the home visit.

We have to accept this tradition in our homes! We must make it a habit to take off the shoes before entering our homes! Why? Here we show you a few very important reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes In Your Home

1. Bacteria

Stop for a minute and try to remember where you’ve been today. Did you use a public bathroom? The floors of these public spaces contain more than 2 mio bacteria per square inch, whereas the toilet seats contain approximately 50 bacteria per square inch.

Also, every day, we walk in places where thousands or even millions of people have walked. Have you ever wondered where have they been? Maybe in a hospital visiting someone who is sick, on a local farm, or in the subway. Do you want the dirt from the subway in your cozy home?

It’s not unusual for shoes to collect lots of bacteria, and other materials that promote the growth and development of bacteria. Do you want to transfer all that on the floor of your home, where your kids play?

The most common bacteria that you can find on your shoes are: Escherichia coli that can lead to diarrhea or intestinal infections; Clostridium difficile that causes diarrhea or inflammation of the colon; Klebsiella pneumonia, which can lead to an infection of the urinary tract; Serratia ficaria that causes respiratory infections; Streptococcus pneumonia and Neisseria meningitides, both of which can cause meningitis.

2. Toxins

You can easily introduce many toxins from the outside environment into your home just by walking in with your shoes on. For instance, you can bring in high levels of herbicides, which are found on non-organic fruits and veggies. Also, you can bring in lead powder, gasoline, and other chemicals.

Think about it for a second. If your spouse works in a company that uses harmful toxins and chemicals, it’s very much likely that he’ll bring them in your home through the shoes he wears.

We all work hard to keep our children safe from toxins and chemicals. We shouldn’t destroy all that hard work just by walking in the house with our shoes on.

3. Dirt

Even though dirt is not that bad for the human health, it can be annoying in the house. And, the vast majority of the dirt in our homes is brought from the outside, with our shoes. This means more cleaning and bigger costs for cleaning products.


4. Destroy Your Floor

All that dust and dirt that we bring with our shoes inside the house is pressed against the floor, causing the wooden floors and carpets to wear off. Also, nails or anything else that’s gotten stuck to the bottom of your shoe can damage the floor in your home. Thus, if you want your floor to last, it’s best to leave your shoes at the outside door.

5. Health Of Your Feet

It’s true – walking barefoot in your home is quite good for your feet. It can help you loosen the tense muscles and boost energy levels.

In addition, kids who regularly walk barefoot have stronger feet. Also, they are less likely to develop flat feet and have fewer foot deformities.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Wear Shoes in Your House
3 Gross Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes In The House

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