Do You Love Hummingbirds? 5 Plants You Should Grow In Your Garden To Attract Them

Some people love watching birds in their garden and if you are among those this article is for you. The most desired amongst these birds are the hummingbirds. There are a number of plants you can grow in your garden to attract hummingbirds. These birds enjoy the nectar of the plants and with a little alteration of your garden landscape, you can make a hummingbird paradise.

So, these are the plants you should grow in order to attract these amazing beauties in your garden. Hummingbirds usually love red flowers, but there are many other colored plants that are attractive to them.

5 Amazing Flowers That Hummingbirds Love

  1. Orange – Red hot poker

These amazing plants are one of the most dramatic and have visually attractive flowers. There are many varieties of kniphofia, however, they all share the same pale yellow-orange blend colored flowers. If you choose to cultivate these flowers, you must sow them in well-drained soil. The kniphofia grows up to 1.2 meters and blooms in early summer.

  1. Coral – Trumpet vine

There are many photos of hummingbirds on these Campsis radicans flowers and there is a reason for it. These flowers are one of hummingbirds’ and butterflies’ favorite. If you decide to plant the Campsis radicans in your garden you must provide them with good support. Just, plant them near a tree or a fence and they will last for many years.

  1. Green Flowering tobacco

Not many people know this plant, but it’s a beauty for sure. This flower is the best-kept secret among hummingbird flowers. It’s an annual plant that comes in a whole specter of colors from white, pink, lavender, green, and so on. It produces a sweet fragrance when it blooms, so if you like a nice smelling garden you should plant it.

  1. Black – Petunia

Black petunia is such a Goth plant. It’s a little bit different from the other petunias. Petunias are known to attract hummingbirds, but this black velvet petunia will bring a little bit of drama in your garden. Moreover, you can combine black and red petunias to create a hummingbird hot spot.

  1. Blue – Delphinium

Delphinium will make a statement in your garden. This plant’s stems bloom with many flowers, that will provide enough nectar for the hummingbirds. Plus, it will attract butterflies as well.  There are many varieties, but we recommend going for the Summer Blues. It has beautiful blue flowers and tolerates heat quite well.


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