5 Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens Besides Having An Endless Supply Of Fresh Eggs

If you an animal lover and you always wanted to keep animals on your property maybe this is the time to do it. However, you should start small. When we say small we think of chickens. Keeping backyard chickens became such a trend over the past years and we can understand why. Having fresh eggs all the time is quite a good idea, right?

Besides, having fresh eggs there are few more reasons why you should consider keeping chickens in your backyard.

Why You Should Be Keeping Your Own Backyard Chickens

1. Pest control

If you decide to keep chickens on your property you will have a great “bug eaters”. You should no more use chemicals and pesticides. The chickens will provide the best pest control because they will eat almost every bug that comes in their way including slugs, beetles, grasshoppers, and ticks.

2. Therapy animals

Chickens are stunning creatures that are considered as the next therapy animal. Keeping chickens’ act therapeutic for autistic children and the elderly. Kids with autism can learn how to take care of them and feed them and therefore learn important living skills. These animals are seen as soothing and they are very sociable that’s why they are used for people who suffer from dementia and additional psychiatric disorders.

3. Eggs

This is the most apparent reason. If you keep your own chickens you will always have fresh eggs. Moreover, you will know what you feed your chickens. The crops that the farms feed the chickens such as soy, corn, and so on, usually are genetically engineered.   So, you will no more eat eggs with GMOs and antibiotics. The eggs will be pure and organic, plus you will always have a nice omelet breakfast.

4. Nutritional value

Fresh organic eggs are more nutritious than store-bought. They contain around 7 times more beta carotene and vitamin A which are vital for good eye health. Then, they have double the amount of vitamin E and around 292 mg of omega 3 fatty acids (in comparison store-bought eggs contain 0.3 mg). Omega 3 is necessary for healthy cholesterol levels, heart, and brain health. Besides, these eggs contain fewer saturated fats.

5. It’s a cheap investment

If you decide to keep chickens in your backyard you should invest in buying a chicken pen to keep them safe and in food. But this is a relatively small investment and you will gain so much more. You will get free pest control, more fertile soil, and the most important healthy organic eggs.

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