5 Smart Ways To Use Refined Sugar Without Eating It

Since we are a blog that writes about healthy habits and healthy food, you will probably be surprised that we write a positive article about one of the main enemies of our health – refined sugar. Whenever we mention a change in living habits and a healthier diet, we first recommend that you remove white, processed sugar from the diet and forget that it even exists. Today, however, we have decided to take a short break from it and bring you some very useful and no harmful ways to use white refined sugar.

Alternative Uses For Sugar

  1. Get rid of cockroaches

If you have ever had problems with cockroaches then you certainly know how hard it is to get them out of your home. That’s why you should try using sugar. Mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda, place them in corners where you think there are cockroaches. Sugar will attract them, and the baking soda will destroy their digestive tract. Make sure to keep this mixture out of reach for small children or pets.

  1. Clean the coffee grinder

Sugar absorbs the smell of coffee and spices you grind in a grinder. Simply put a teaspoon of sugar in the grinder, briefly turn it on and after that, the grinder will be fresh for a new use, without excessive and prudent odor.

  1. Prolong the life of your flowers

Have you got a lovely bouquet of flowers and want to last longer and be beautiful? In the vase in which you will put the flowers add 3 teaspoons of sugar, 2 tbsp white vinegar and pour lukewarm water on top of it. Mix the liquid with a spoon and put the flowers in the vase. The sugar will feed the flowers, and the vinegar will prevent the development of bacteria.

  1. Sooth sore tongue

Did you burn your tongue with hot soup or coffee? At least one time this happened to us all, and we all know how it can hurt. The first aid for this injury is a sugar cube. Put one sugar cube on the burnt tongue spot and let it dissolve. The pain and numbness will go almost instantaneously. Moreover, you can also put one sugar cube to relieve bug bites.

  1. Remove dead skin

If you don’t know sugar is a great product to regenerate your skin.  Hence, you can make homemade body peeling by adding one tablespoon of sugar to one ripe banana and one teaspoon of organic olive oil. Mix the sugar, olive oil and banana together, and rub them on the skin before you take a shower. This natural peeling is eco-friendly and removes dead skin very effectively. Your skin will be nice, smooth and very soft!sugar uses Reference:  8 Inventive Ways You Can Use Sugar (Besides Eat It)

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