6 Signs That Point Out That Your Loved Ones What To Communicate

Each of us lost a person who she/he loved, whether it was a family member or a very close friend. It is the most painful and difficult period of your life. Everyone offers their commiserations but this doesn’t do much the pain and emptiness are still there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can call and speak with your loved one? Unfortunately, it’s not possible. However, there are other ways you can use to be in touch with the people who left this world too soon.

6 Signs That Signify That Your Loved Ones What To Communicate

1. Dream Visit: This is the most common way our loved ones choose to communicate. The deceased person, who enters your dream very often, has something to say. So, listen carefully.  In a dream, while talking to you or asking you to send messages to someone, they usually offer some comfort that they are okay, calm, and comfortable on the other side. This dream usually feels like reality and you can remember it after you wake up.

2. Sense of presence: Many people feel the presence of the deceased person after some time. If you were very close to that person and could feel their presence while they were alive, you will feel it now, as they have moved from the physical world to the spirit world.

3. Sense of touch: A hug, a touch of hair, the feeling of someone holding your hand, or a slight touch on your back – these are just some of the comforting forms of connection with a deceased person that can happen. Most often, this happens a few days after the death of a loved one and later it fades.

4. Sounds and songs: It is possible to hear the voice of a beloved deceased speaking through you, or from within, through thoughts or words that are a message to you. The most common is precisely that inner voice that is similar to the thoughts that are going on inside your mind. Music is also a sign. Music sign can come in the form of a special song playing in your head or a special song playing on the radio at the right time.


5. Losing objects: Sometimes you may feel like you are losing your mind when you realize that the item you left in one place it is in a completely different place. Maybe, these items were significant to your loved ones and they are trying to contact you.

6. Animals: Animals can sense the presence of energy better than us. So, if your dog starts wagging its tail or stops in front of you and peaks the window for no obvious reason it may be a sign that your loved one is near.

Therefore, if you are asking can you communicate with a person that died the answer is yes but not in the way you expect. We will always have a place for our loved ones in our hearts and thoughts, it will never fade.


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