6 Unique And Creative Ways To Recycle Your Wear Out Jeans

Jeans are a piece of clothing that is resistant to almost anything because when faded or split it can still be worn. However, you can stop wearing the jeans because the model is out of style, or you don’t like how it fits you anymore and that’s totally ok.

Most people, when they found old, useless jeans in their closet, simply throw them in the trash cans. Before you do this, read this article, as there are many fun, creative and useful ways to give your old piece of clothing a new life.

6 Creative Ways To Use Old Unwearable Jeans

  1. Make mates for plates

If you have children who make a mess during lunch or just like to decorate your table with interesting plate pads, here’s an unusual idea! You can sew them out of your old jeans.  Moreover, you can use the pockets to put the knife, spoon, or fork in them and make your dinner table very unique.

  1. “Dress” your furniture

Is the design of your furniture boring?  “Dress it” in your old jeans and your living space will get a brand new charm in a moment. If this is too complicated for you, you can make pillowcases out of your jeans and put them on the furniture pillows.

  1. Jeans bag

In many stores, you can buy countless different models of bags made of jeans. However, if you choose to create one yourself, you will do a good job for your environment. Make, for example, a lunch or a drink bag. The cloth bags are always in fashion, but if you make one yourself, it will really be very special.

  1. Make unusual jewelry

The Internet is packed with great ideas on how to make interesting and special pieces of jewelry from a variety of materials, including from old jeans. Choose your favorite model and the fun can start!

  1. Organize the little things in your bathroom

From the pockets of old jeans make a perfect organizer for your little things. Hence, they will always be organized, your house will be arranged and nicely decorated, and you will reduce the amount of thrown fabric.

  1. Oven gloves

The pockets of your old jeans can be great for creating oven mitts. Their thick fabric will protect your hands and you can play with many designs. Plus they will be too cute hanging in your kitchen right?

You can get more creative ideas from the video below:

Reference: Don’t throw out old jeans. Here are 17 genius ways to reuse them

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