6 Useful Things That You Can Do With Leftover Eggshells

Recycling and new uses for old things are very popular around the internet. Almost there are no things and waste that people have failed to use in new ways. But did you know that even eggshells can be useful? Egg shells are for most people garbage that cannot serve for anything else, but those who advocate life in harmony with nature say that eggshells can be a very useful tool. We give six ideas how to use them.

How To Use Egg Shells

Morning coffee

You probably wondering what is the link between coffee and eggshells. Here’s the explanation: whenever you prepare your coffee, put one eggshell in it. First, wash the egg shell and add it to your coffee grounds. Then, brew the coffee like you normally do. Afterward, just remove the eggshell from your coffee. People use this method to remove the bitterness and absorb all the impurities from the coffee beans.

Natural band-aid

The thin membrane that is located on the inside of the eggshell can help to heal the wounds and scratches. What you need to do is take a little piece of the eggshell with the membrane inside and put it on the wound. Pretty cool right?

Chicken food

It may sound a bit strange, but if you keep chickens, crush the eggshells and mix them with the chicken food. In this way, you will give them enough doses of calcium, and it will be much cheaper than buying vitamins.

Calcium for plants

Many plants, such as tomatoes, do not develop due to lack of calcium. You can solve this problem just by using egg shells. Before planting the tomatoes, place a little bit of crushed fresh eggshell on the bottom of the hole and then plant them. You can put the shell eggs directly into the ground to make fertile soil. Simply crush them and mix with the soil in which you will plant your flower or vegetables. Another great idea is to plant vegetable seedlings in eggshells.  Interesting and different, is not it? We will tell you all about it in another article.

Snail Repellant

All the sneaky critters that crush your plants like snails or slugs will not bother you anymore. Your plants will be protected from them if you put crushed eggshells around them.

Blender Sharpener

You can use eggshell to sharpen your blender blades. First freeze the eggshells then use them to sharpen and clean your blades. Just add the eggshells in a blender and add water to it. Turn the blender on for a minute then rinse it.


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