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7 Smart Ways To Deal With Toxic People

Toxic people are those that draw the energy of others, constantly think negatively, spread negative energy and thoughts, and want to make others feel bad. But, psychologists say that there’s a way to resist such toxic individuals.

7 Common Characteristics That Reveal Toxic People

At least once in our lives, we have encountered people who spread negative energy and seem to feed on someone else’s misfortune. You don’t want these kind of people in your life!

Here we show you 7 common characteristics of toxic people.

1. Nothing you say or do is good enough. These are cynical people with a negative view of the world.

2. These people need to comment on the smallest mistake because they think that everything must be perfect.

3. They constantly mention your past, and don’t allow you to change and be different.

4. Toxic individuals will do everything to make you feel bad in your own skin. They don’t care about your feelings and seem to feed on your misfortune.

5. They constantly criticize, want to control everything, and don’t think about the needs of others.

6. Toxic people violate your private space and don’t accept no for an answer.

7. Everything must revolve around them, about what they want, think and feel.

These people will always try to achieve their goals, using all possible means, and we often tend to call them manipulators.

toxic people

How To Deal With Toxic People

Here we show you how to deal with toxic people in 7 clever and effective ways.

1. Be Self-Aware

Self-awareness helps us enlighten, understand, and count on our internal or external abilities. When you’re aware of your abilities and preferences, you can affect the people around you, including toxic people.

2. Ignore Attention Seekers

Toxic individuals want to be the center of attention. They will always find a way to make everything about them. But, be clever and don’t give them the attention they crave. Everyone should have a chance to talk and have fun, yourself included!

3. Ignore Insults

When you’re near to someone toxic, it’s not easy to stay neutral. But, don’t let the circumstances to affect you! Be strong and resist the disguised insults and negativity of these people.

4. Set Boundaries

When you’re close to a toxic person, it’s important to set boundaries. This does not mean that your communication should be rude and abrupt. On the contrary, you should be kind and firm, unambiguous and uncompromising. This simply won’t allow him/her to take advantage of the situation and affect you in any way.

5. Focus On Solutions

Don’t focus on problems. Instead, look for solutions! Don’t be afraid to show leadership, make a change, and solve your problems!

6. Avoid Self-Pity

Even people with the highest emotional intelligence are sometimes prone to negative self-pity. Toxic people can transfer negative thoughts on others, especially if their interlocutor is helpless and easy to manipulate. Open your eyes and see the world as it is. Embrace it and learn how to transform the self-pity into self-awareness and confidence. But remember, it’s totally healthy to pity yourself from time to time. Just don’t allow it to grow further.

7. Demand Straight Answers

Don’t settle for vague and arbitrary answers to your questions. Toxic people will always try to manipulate you in such way. Be firm and ask for a straight answer, without withholding any information.

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