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Remove Stains And Revive The Color: All Natural DIY Bleach For Your White Clothes

Our grandmothers would probably pull us by the ears because we complain about washing and drying laundry when machines actually do it for us. But times change and the only thing on our mind is how to make housework easier and shorter. If you are like us, you probably want to use natural ingredients whenever it’s possible.

That’s why today we will share a little secret on how to naturally whiten your white laundry and refresh the color on your black laundry. Let’s begin.

DIY Natural Bleach For Your White Laundry

Store-bought bleach for clothes can sometimes be harsh. Besides, it has a harsh smell as well. So, as a bleach alternative, you can’t use everything. For example, you should never mix vinegar with hydrogen peroxide because it can be very irritating for your skin. However, you can use this mixture as a natural laundry bleach.

What you need is:

¼ cup of lemon juice

¾ cup hydrogen peroxide 3% solution

7 cups of water

¾ cup of baking soda

15 drops lemon essential oil


It’s pretty simple, just mix the ingredients in a container or a bottle and shake them well. You should use one cup per laundry load. Moreover, wash the whites with the hottest program available on your machine.

For better results, or if your laundry is visibly very dirty you can soak your whites in the solution and let them stay overnight. Then, add your detergent and in the morning finish the washing cycle. Remember to use hot water when you wash them.

DIY Trick For Black Laundry

You probably notice that your black clothes started to fade and lose their color. Dark clothes tend to become grayish and this is so annoying.  There a few tricks that will prevent this from happening. First, if you want to refresh the color of your black clothing, you can add a cup of plain strong coffee or black tea in the last rinse.

However, prevention is the best solution. What you need to do is add a few tablespoons of salt when you wash your black laundry. The chloride in the salt will aid in the preservation of the color. Vinegar does the same trick. Just add half a cup of vinegar in the last rinse cycle to preserve the dark color of your black clothes.

Remember to wash your dark clothes in cold water, and avoid drying them in the sun. You can check other vinegar tricks for your laundry.

natural bleach

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