Perfect For Beginners: Incredible Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Won’t Die On You

Do you belong to the group of people that adores houseplants, but it seems to you that all your efforts are going to waste? As much as you nourish your plants, water them, they always die, and all you can do is just watch them disappear. You just can not keep them alive. But do not be sad. There are some plants that are very resistant, and will not surrender easily.

Here’re some plants that require low-maintenance and are great for beginners.

4 Houseplants That Are Low Maintenance And Great For Your Home

  1. Heart-Leaf Philodendron

These leafy plants come in various shapes and sizes. Most of them do not need a lot of light and require minimal attention. Keep it in the shade and in a place sheltered by strong air flow. Clean the leaves occasionally from dust and refresh it with water. This plant also tolerates temperature differences. (If you have cats, be careful and place it in a safe area, because it is toxic to them). In a similar way, you can grow ivy, ornamental nettle, and wild apricot as well.

  1. Sansevieria

This room flower with upright, long leaves is one of the most resistant plants. It can withstand all the conditions – from great exposure to the sun to complete darkness. Although, in the shadow, its leaf patterns become less visible. It does not like too much humidity – watch out for it. So, the soil cannot be too moist, because it will start to rot. In winter, you can keep it directly near the radiator, and then you will only water it once a month.

  1. Dracaena plant

This interesting plant grows relatively slow. It is a long-term plant, so that’s why they call it the tree of life. There is even one tree example from Tenerife that is over 1000 years old. This plant requires a larger space because it will grow very tall. Place it in a light room, but away from direct sunlight, also do not place it in hallways and stairways because they are cooler and have more airflow, and this plant doesn’t like that. Make sure that the room temperature doesn’t drop below 15 ° C, as the coldness can damage it. Lower the watering to a minimum during wintertime.

  1. Christmas cactus

It’s a beautiful plant with long green leaves and beautiful flowers. This plant comes from the warm and humid regions. It withstands ambient atmosphere, about 22 degrees which is the perfect temperature for this plant. Keep it near the window, but consider that high temperature and low humidity during the summer doesn’t suit this plant well. That is why it is important to regularly water it during these warm months. The plant will not die if you “don’t pay attention” towards it, but its beautiful flowers will not bloom.

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