Are Moths Ruining Your Favorite Clothes? Get Rid Of Them Instantly And Naturally

They attack your clothes and kitchen and get into the furniture. These “butterflies” also known as moths come in two groups – those who attack clothing and those who attack the pantry. The first type will attack your carpets and tapestries if there are no clothes around, and the others are more frequent guests in the kitchen.

You’ll see them get out of the closets or from the kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, larvae of mothers are guilty of destroying your clothes and make holes on cotton, silk, wool …it seems they are not very picky with their food.

On the clothes, stains from sweat or food attract them. In the kitchen, they are attracted by flour, rice, pasta, and biscuits.

You should get rid of the moths before they get your house.

Get Rid Of Moths Naturally

Clean the house regularly, especially dump places (this also applies to the bathroom) to prevent them from settling in your home. But if you are already there the first thing you need to do, check the cabinets, pantry, and kitchen cabinets and start vacuuming. When you are done with the vacuum cleaner, start wiping the area with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Wipe the closet and floors with that cloth. Please pay special attention to the corners of the kitchen closets. Buy glue that attracts and catches moths or make your own by adhesive tape by spraying fish oil. It attracts the moths, so they easily fall into the trap.  Do not forget to throw all the foods that are attacked by moths and larvae in the kitchen. Always keep your food in jars with lids or plastic containers.
If the moths attacked your clothes, wash it immediately and after drying, iron them. You will kill the moths when you leave the clothes in the freezer for some time. Install a fluorescent lamp in the closet, because the moths prefer dark and humid places.

Natural Solutions For Moths

The poison against moths and balls is not very safe, though effective. So it’s better to beat them in a natural way.

In the wardrobe or your kitchen cabinet put cotton balls soaked in lavender oil. Or you can use the oil clove oil, bay leaf and cinnamon oil. Besides lavender, you can use cedar wood.  This plant is one of the better natural fighters against moths.  Use hangers made of cedar wood to repel moths from your clothes.

Moreover,  you can use a mixture of mint and rosemary or camphor tablets that are also good for fighting moths.


Reference: Learn How to Get Rid of Moths Naturally
How to get rid of moths

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