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Are People With Rh Negative Blood Aliens? The Fascinating Story Behind The Rhesus Factor (Rh)

Rh factor is a special type of protein that creates in the red blood cells, but in some people, it can also be absent. One of the most important characteristics of blood, in addition to the blood group, is the existence or absence of the so-called Rhesus factor (Rh) in it.

What Is Rh-Negative Factor And Why It’s So Important

The unknown substance called Rh-factor is found in the erythrocytes, and it is named after a special type of monkeys Macacus rhesus, that was first discovered in. However, not all people have this type of factor. Because of this, people divide into Rh positive (Rh +), and Rh negative (Rh-).

So, if the whole human species have come from one ancestor, they should have matching blood. This raises the question where do Rh negative people come from?

Nobody tried to clarify where Rh negative people are from. Most experts state that this is either a mutation or origin of a dissimilar ancestor. People from Basque (France and Spain) carry a Rh-negative blood the most. Sixty percent of them hold one negative gene and thirty percent hold two negative Rh gene.

Approximately 15 % of the general population carries the Rh negative gene.

Israeli people also carry the Rh negative people, among the people of the Middle East which can be found only 1 percent.

Many people believe that Rh negative blood doesn’t originate from the Earth. This could be a major issue in confirming that humans are in fact a hybrid species. The answer is yet unknown and still not confirmed by the scientists, but this is the key to opening the genetic riddle of our heritage.

The rhesus-factor has a very great significance for the people, just as the blood group, especially when it comes to blood transfusions. This factor is also very important for pregnant women. If you are Rh negative, and your partner is Rh positive, then the baby inherits a positive factor from the father, some complications may occur during pregnancy. In this case, the mother is not compromised, but there is a great danger to the baby’s health. This way the hemolytic disease appears. This is an allergic response that occurs the mother (Rh negative) carries a child that is Rh positive. The mother’s blood creates antibodies that destroy the unknown substance, attacking only the child.

The antibodies remain in the woman’s body for the rest of her life and pose no danger to her. But these antibodies can pass to the baby’s bloodstream and destroy the erythrocytes in its blood, causing certain changes and major problems.

That’s why it is very important to know which Rh factor are you. However, modern medicine has a treatment when it comes to the problem described above.

Rhesus factor

So what is your theory regarding Rh negative blood factor? Are those people aliens or is it just a random genetic mutation?  For now, this amazing natural phenomenon remains a mystery.

Reference: Rh Negative: Are There Aliens Among Us?

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    1. Their blood type is for sure a genetic riddle of our heritage. 🙂 We should all be aware of our blood types, and know what measures, precautions to take. For example, Rh negative pregnant women and the baby is Ph positive, the health of the baby may be compromized. Thus, the mother should take a proper treatment during the entire pregnancy.

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