Are You Being Tracked Through Your Smartphone? Here’s How To Find Out!

Recently, technology has significantly advanced, but so has the criminal activity. It’s unfortunate, but a fact that your smartphone can be easily hacked. Thus, you ought to take appropriate measures!

How to Identify Spy Apps on Your Smartphone

There are so many apps today, all promising to make life more interesting and easier. It’s tempting to want to try them all, but don’t be too quick in downloading an app on your smartphone. Especially if you’re not certain who it works and who developed it.

When someone uses an app to track a phone, it automatically sends to-and-fro data to the perpetrator, giving them access to the call logs, messages, and other private information. Some of these compromised apps can cause your phone to behave in an unusual manner, which should raise alarm. Watch out for the following signs, which could indicate that your smartphone is being tracked.

1. Battery Running Out Fast

If your battery is running out faster than usual, and erratically between hours or days, then this could be an indicator that there’s a spy app installed on your smartphone. Spy apps often use the camera or even the microphone to send data back and forth.

Check the background of the battery drain. Find out if spy apps are the possible reason for low battery power.

2. Increase In Mobile Data Usage

Are you’re using more mobile data than usual, even when you spend a lot of time offline? It might be an indication that a spy app or some other malware is the reason for the increased data usage.

3. Your Phone Randomly Turns Off And On

If your smartphone begins shutting down on its own; if the lights come on when the device is not in use; or if it’s constantly crashing or making calls, sending messages on its own… you should have it examined for possible hacking.

4. Receiving Messages That Don’t Make Sense

If you start receiving messages that don’t make sense, containing a series of random letter, symbols or numbers, it could indicate that someone is trying to remotely send commands to your phone.

Finding Out Who Is Tracking Your Phone

There are shortcodes that you can use, to learn more about your phone settings, and find out if it’s protected or if you’re being tracked.

When you dial the number *#21# you will be able to know if your messages, calls or other data are being diverted. This function allows you to see the various ways in which the diversion could be taking place, as well as the phone number of the perpetrator.


If people are having a hard time getting through to you, the code *#62# will help you to find out where your messages, data, and calls are being diverted to.

The code ##002# will help you to switch off all methods of redirecting from your phone.

When you dial *#06# you’ll be able to see the IMEI of your phone. You it be stolen, you’ll be able to track it through this number. Even if a different SIM card is inserted into to phone, you’ll still be able to locate it.

The James bond code, *3001#12345#* for iPhone, and *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#* for android can help you determine the location of the basic station your phone is connected to. This way, you can spot any suspicious station that could have engaged in spying.

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