This Is Wiley, Find Out More About The Cutest Dog With A Heart On His Nose

All dogs are unique and extraordinary in their own way. But, Wiley is a different Dalmatian. Thanks to its Instagram followers, this dog is noticed on the street and everyone loves him. So what makes Wiley so popular on the internet?

Wiley, the cute Dalmatian wears his heart …on his nose. It’s so adorable.

Wiley The Nose Hearted Doggo

This one-year-old cub has become popular because of its unique heart-shaped feature, which is located right on its nose. “Wiley is cheeky, clumsy, bold, affectionate, curious, savage, silly,” said his mom, Lexi Smith. “No image can ever fully capture everything he is and everything he means to me, he is my best friend!

Wiley became a mini-celebrity around the internet, even random people stop his mom Lexi and tell her how cute her dog is. “Everyone notices the heart. He loves all the attention he gets. He is cute and knows it! ”added Lexi.

Are Dalmatians Good Pets?

There are different theories and contradictions about the origins of the Dalmatian. On the other hand, it is possible that the Dalmatian is related to the pointer dogs. Moreover, they are playful, cheerful and very dedicated to the owner. They need a stable owner and family to be happy. Leaving them in the yard for a long time alone will hurt them, and they will probably make a mess.

Dalmatians enjoy playing with children. If they do not get enough physical and mental training, they will become stubborn and disobedient and too energetic to stay in the company of young children. However, if you train them right there will be no problem. Similar to any dog, they require early on socialization.

It belongs to pure dogs and has no odor. Nearly everyone Dalmatian doesn’t fancy getting dirty and even stair clear from the puddles. Bath them occasionally, if necessary.

To conclude, Dalmatians are friendly and energetic dogs that are great with kids. Nevertheless, they should be trained right and take out for walks multiple times a day. If you treat them right, they will be the perfect family dog that everyone loves to play and cuddle with.

Check how adorable Wiley is though out these photos!















Reference: Meet Wiley, The Most Adorable Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose
Meet Wiley, The Cutest Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose


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