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The Fishnet Stockings That Fairy Princesses And Mermaid Queens Have Been Waiting For

In the last few years, stockings have been transformed into an effective fashion accessory that brings that special and unexpected stamp to every look. From simple white stockings with retro stripes to gorgeous models embroidered with floral motifs or adorned with pearls and gems.

The stockings have crossed the boundaries of their practical role and become a statement detail adored by “it” girls and fashion trendsetters. Among the most popular models for several seasons are the fishnet stockings by the New York artist Lirika Matoshi.

The Amazing Stocking Designs By Lirika Matoshi

To the most impressively decorated socks and stockings you’ve ever seen, Lirika recently added fairytale dresses and romantic outfits. Just like your favorite stockings, bringing a blend of tulle and gorgeous, hand-embroidered motifs. You can find everything about the brand on the Instagram profile of the designer and her website. In addition to stockings and socks, Lirika also decorates bras, bodysuits, knitwear, tights, and jewelry.

However, from the rich and colorful palette, these amazing fishnet stockings are something every girl will want. Because they are handmade, a lot of time, effort, and love are woven into each pair. The street style stars recognized these fishnet stockings and began to wear them in a sporty way with sneakers or more elegant with pumps or sandals. If you ask us, this is one of the most special details and fashion accessories for any style, which we can’t wait to see on our city streets as well.

Matoshi uses fishnet stockings as the main base. Then, she decorates them with beads, rhinestones, sequins, crystals, semi-precious stones, and floral patterns. Some of these wonderful stockings cost as much as $ 250 due to the complexity of the handcraft, but what is certain is that these pieces cannot go unnoticed.

Lirika Matoshi is a New York-based designer. Her brand first appeared on the market in 2018. She began with handcrafting chokers, which sold on Etsy. Today, her brand sells worldwide in prestigious shops like Free people and Nordstorm. Her brand is very popular on Instagram with more than 500k followers. Her designs are one of a kind, very romantic, but sophisticated. So, if you are want to add a little bit of sparkle and fairytale in your everyday look, you should look out for these amazing Matoshi designs.

In the end, see the mesmerizing collection of her fishnet stocking, and choose your favorite model! We want them all 🙂

fishnet stockings

fishnet stockings

fishnet stokings

Reference: Lirika Matoshi
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