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You Can Find The Entire Universe On The Petals Of These “Galaxy” Flowers

Do you love looking into a clear night sky? If you do and you like looking into the stars but you don’t have the equipment we have the ideal solution. With these amazing flowers, you will bring the stars into your home.

What type of flower is that?- One may ask…Read along and find out.

The Petunia cultivars plant looks like it just fell out of the deepest depths of the universe (yes, it fell out of the depths, it’s so incredible) and now we just can’t stop staring at the photos of its magical flowers. If you don’t have the money to fly into space, this will be a pretty decent option.

The Beautiful Night Sky Petunia

These dark purple petunias are specific because their exclusive petals are mixed with white patches, that reminiscent of distant galaxies and sky scattered with stars. If you choose to keep one of these flowers at home, you should know that the maintenance is quite unique. The mottled petals are a result of the temperature difference between night and day. So, if you keep them at home you should mimic this occurrence.

Namely, you must keep them at a temperature of approximately 37 to 38 degrees Celsius during the day. While at night you should place them in an area that has 10 degrees Celsius. If you treat them this way, these plants bring you back in the most ingenious way possible – with a beautiful bloom and incredible beauty. But it’s best to see for yourself how magnificent they truly are. Moreover, you can buy seeds for galaxy petunia online (Amazon) or in special shops for plants and gardening around your area.

For fans of unusual flowers and astronomy – this is the ideal plant! Take a look at the photos below and prepare to be amazed.

Reference: These “Galaxy” Flowers Hold Entire Universes On Their Petals
Galaxy Flowers Are Perfect For Those Who Love Staring Into The Stars


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