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Beer Isn’t Just For Drinking. Check Out The 7 Very Helpful Uses For Beer

We love to drink cold beer when it’s hot, but beer can be used for many other things besides as a beverage.  The beer does not contain fat, has a low percentage of protein, and carbohydrates mainly from the barley. The yeast responsible for fermentation produces the vitamin B group that remains in beer.

The presence of minerals such as chromium, iron, copper, potassium, and silicon, can certainly be considered a favorable property. Particularly favorable is the ratio of sodium and potassium, where potassium is an advantage, which is a precondition for the proper balance of the fluid in the body.

That is why beer can be used for these amazing non-drinking uses and we discover its secrets.

7 Amazing Beer Uses

Deep cleaning of hair

Over time, a lot of ingredients from various styling products, as well as dust and other dirt, are deposited on our hair. Even when you wash it, it is not completely clean. In the beauty salon, we can ask for deep washing.  However, if you don’t want to spend money on these expansive treatments beer can help you. Just mix 6 teaspoons of beer with one cup of water and finally rinse your hair after the standard hair wash.

Beer shampoo for hair loss

This shampoo is quite easy to make, and it will straighten your hair and make it shinier. It also acts as an excellent remedy for dry hair that is prone to dandruff. Beer contains silicone and vitamin B, ingredients that encourage hair growth.

You need a beer of any kind, your favorite shampoo, and a pot.

Put the beer in the pot and boil it (about half a liter). Remove it from the stove only when ¼ of the original liquid remains. This way you will remove alcohol, which dries your hair. Allow the beer to cool, and then mix it with 1 cup of shampoo. Use it as your regular shampoo.

For tired legs

Walking, uncomfortable footwear and standing are tiring for our feet and it can cause cracked heels. Beer can help you remove the upper layer of dead skin and soften the feet.  Also, the relaxing effect of beer will refresh and soothe your feet after a busy and hard day.  In a basin, just pour lukewarm water and add one cup of beer. Afterward, soak your feet for 15 minutes.

Promotes good night sleep

The flower of hops, which is the main ingredient of beer, is a natural tranquilizer. No, you shouldn’t drink beer instead try this trick: Clean the pillowcase with the same amount of beer and water. The pillowcase material will soak up the scent of this flower and make it easier for you to sleep.

Marinate your meat

To soften your meat without changing the taste you can use beer. Put the meat in a bowl and pour a little bit of beer on top of it. Place the meat in the fridge and leave it overnight.  The other day, cook the meat and enjoy the softness of it.

Polish shiny metal objects

Because of its low acid level beer is the ideal ingredient for cleaning metal stuff, like pots made of steel and jewelry. What you need to do is add a little beer on the metal and then gently rub it with a toothbrush. Then, soak it in the beer and leave it for a couple minutes. Remove it from the liquid and dry it.  Your metal objects will become shiny as new.

Keep away annoying pests

Beer repels boring flies away from food. Add one beer into a plastic cup, and wrap it with aluminum foil. On top of the aluminum foil, you should drill tiny holes. The smell of beer will draw the flies, and they easily get into the cup but they will not be able to go out. This trick works for cockroaches and snails as well.

beer uses

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