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The Reason Why Bone Broth Is So Healthy And Which Type Is Best For You

One of the latest health trends is bone broth, which many believe have a very beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. The good old bone broth is still being prepared in the same way as was prepared by our grandmothers –  simmering for several hours on low heat.

We bring you more about this quite ordinary but again unusual trend.

Why Bone Broth Is Popular Nowadays

It contains important nutrients

Basically, bone broth is very healthy, and the proportion of nutrients in the soup varies on the items you use when you prepare it. For example, pork or beef bones are rich in magnesium, calcium phosphorus potassium, and other important minerals for building strong bones. Fish and oyster broth has iodine which is vital for the thyroid health and normal metabolism. In addition, bones have collagen a protein that converts into gelatin, which contains numerous significant amino acids.

It’s good for your digestive system                                                                                                                                 

It has been proven that gelatin from the broth can keep the health of the digestive system. Because it connects with water and helps the digested food to pass easily through the intestines. Moreover, gelatin contains glutamine, an amino acid that helps maintain mucous membrane function, which is especially important for people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.

It keeps your joints healthy

The main compound created in your tendons, ligaments, and bones is the collagen. When thermally processed, it decomposes and turns into gelatin. Furthermore, gelatin is very important for the health of your joints. Some of them are glycine and proline that our body uses to build tendons and ligaments.

It promotes weight loss

Gelatin from the bone broth contributes to the feeling of satiety.  That’s why regular broth consumption can help decrease the calories you consume and promote weight loss.

bone broth

It nourishes the brain and promote quality sleep

Bone broth can promote quality sleep and relax you because of the ingredient glycine. Namely, the results of one study showed that taking glycine when you go to bed will notably enhance the sleeping quality in individuals who suffer from insomnia.This ingredient will improve your brain function, boost your concentration and reduce the need for a daytime nap.

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