Bulletproof Coffee: The Best Fighter Against Weight Gain, Poor Concentration And Fatigue

You may think that butter contains too much fat, but not everything can raise your cholesterol levels. The butter you use must be made from natural organic milk provided by cows fed exclusively with grass. Coffee with butter is the latest trend in the world. Instead of milk, you should put butter in the coffee.

Butter coffee was created by entrepreneur Dave Asprey, and it called “Bulletproof coffee”. In today’s article, we will talk about how to prepare a cup of butter coffee and why it became a huge trend among people.

Why You Should Drink Bulletproof Coffee And How To Prepare It

Let’s begin with the recipe first.

Brew your coffee –you can use any type you want but we recommend you use fresh organic coffee. Next, add two tablespoons of butter in your coffee. Once you’ve done that wait 15 seconds so the coffee slightly melts the butter, and then put the ingredients in the blender.

According to the original recipe, you should add one teaspoon of brain octane oil or MCT oil. This oil is the main ingredient in coconut oil but it’s much stronger. If you can’t find this type of oil we suggest adding one teaspoon of organic cacao powder. Next, blend all the ingredients together.You must use a blender or hand blender because you won’t be able to combine the ingredients by hand. Pulse your butter coffee for a minute or two. The resulting liquid will be creamy and foamy and it will resemble a latte. The taste of it is very delicious and so much creamier than a regular latte.

And that’s it your bulletproof coffee is done.

The butter coffee has a better effect on concentration, as well as on weight loss because it will saturate you and replaces one meal.

The trick with this coffee is that the caffeine from it binds with the fats of the butter, so your body absorbs it much more slowly. When you drink a cup of regular coffee the caffeine from it will make you energetic for a while and then the energy level crashes, but when you drink the butter coffee the energy you experience will be more even and last longer. Some people say that butter coffee makes them energetic and more concentrated for 6-8 hours.

Moreover, it has a great metabolic effect on your body which is also a great plus.

To find more about bulletproof coffee you can watch the video down below:

Reference: How to Make Bulletproof® Coffee w/ Dave Asprey

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