Castor Oil Uses: If You Haven’t Tried Them Yet You Don’t Know What You Missing Out

Due to a large amount of vitamin E and ricinoleic acid which is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, castor oil is fantastically effective for the health and care of hair, skin, but also as an excellent treatment for pain caused by inflammation. You can use castor oil for almost everything, you can literally use it from head to toe.

We give you seven ideas on how to use it.

5 Uses Of Castor Oil

Regrow Your Over Pluck Eyebrows

You must at least once in your life overplucked your eyebrows or simply want denser and fuller eyebrows. It’s not a problem with castor oil.  Every night before going to bed apply one drop of castor oil on each eyebrow with your fingers. Smear the liquid evenly and leave it that way. Repeat the procedure every day for a week and you will notice a significant improvement regarding your eyebrows.

Stimulate Hair Growth And Get Rid Of Dandruff

Make a simple combination of castor oil and extra virgin coconut or argan oil in a ratio of 1: 1. Then, add a few drops of nettle tincture. Apply it on the scalp and the entire length of the hair and leave for an hour wrapped in plastic foil. You should place an old towel on your shoulders because castor oil can stain your clothing. Apply this combination of oils once a week and you will soon notice the growth of new hair and much healthier scalp.

Treat Severe Chapped Lips

Simply apply a drop of castor oil to your lips and leave it to work. You can also use it as a gloss replacement. It works excellent because of the oil density and it’s completely natural substitute to store-bought lip balm.

Reduce Pain In Joints And Muscles

Applying warm compresses with castor oil is a particularly popular and effective way of using it. You need a piece of cloth or cotton (depending on the surface you are treating). Richly soak it with castor oil and put on a painful part of the body. The oil can also be applied directly to the skin. Cover with plastic foil and/or warm towel. Compressive heat maintenance is important. It is often used for pain caused by arthritis or intestinal disorders, and muscle and tendon pain. The main active ingredient ricinoleic acid has the ability to warm up the body, stimulate circulation and trigger the lymphatic system, as well as stimulate the detoxification process. The compressor acts anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. Don’t use castor oil compresses if you are pregnant.

Get rid of skin fungus

Since castor is an antimicrobial agent, you can use it to treat skin fungal infection. Just warm a little bit of castor oil and apply it on the affected place. Do this procedure every day for one week or until you completely get rid of the fungus.


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If you’re not using castor oil, you’re missing out. Here are 7 things you need to know

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