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Cat-Shaped Sandals Created By Japanese Company Are Too Cute For Words

For all of the animal lovers, these designs will make you happy. Japanese designs are known to be unique and quite amazing. These flip flops are no exception, and what can we say we would like a pair of these purr-fect sandals.

Japanese brands are known for unique and unusual products and often like to make even the most ordinary, everyday items unusual. There are many things that are exceptional for Japan. Probably you’ve seen the ocean tea bags that float in your cup and look like small creatures. We are sure that there are many other things, but for now, we will stick to the cat flip flops.

Cute And Unusual Designed Flip Flops For Every Cat Lover

This is exactly what the Japanese brand Nyara Geta did by designing its own – flip flops. Specifically, this Japanese company made cat-shaped flip-flops, which are a modern version of conventional Japanese footwear called geta, which looks like a mixture of flip-flops and clogs.

And the very name of the company behind these shoes is a play on words. Nyara Geta is actually a mix of three words. Nya which translated from Japanese means ‘meow’, then nara, which is the name of the city where these shoes are made, and the already mentioned geta.

The traditional getas are quite difficult to wear if you never wear this type of shoes before. While the geta is traditionally wooden, this version is made of soft and easy material known as EVA. That’s why these kitty flip flops are much more comfortable to wear during the summer heat.

The company released an all-white model as well. The flip flops are one size, but fits-all. They are also resistant to water, and cute little beach or pool summer accessory.

A pair of these flip flops cost 3780 Japanese yen (35 $). However, there are nine different models that this company offers.  Usually, you can wear them with a summer kimono to achieve a chic look.

If you are a cat lover traveling to Japan soon or at least know someone who will be visiting this country soon, you know what to do. You can also find this type of footwear on Amazon.

Enjoy these amazing designs and tell us which one is your favorite.

Reference: Japanese Company Created Cat-Shaped Sandals Perfect For Cat Lovers
Cat-shaped geta sandals for White Day

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