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CNN Fires Kathy Griffin After The Release Of The Notorious Image With President Trump’s Head. Now She’s Lawyering Up!

The famous stand-up comedian Kathy Griffin is in the center of the public attention nowadays. CNN fired her for releasing an offensive image, where she holds a bloody fake head, similar to that of the US President Donald Trump.

US citizens condemn this move, saying that it’s wrong to joke about killing a person and beheading, regardless of who he/she is. Playing on this subject is sick, and it’s an act of violence.

The first statement of the comedian was that the famous photographer Tyler Shields took the photos as an act of mocking the President. But, this tweet was deleted shortly after the release. In its place, Kathy Griffin released what seems to be a sincere apology. Namely, she released a video apologizing to the public, saying that she crossed the line, and asked the photographer to remove the image from the Internet. But, this was not of great help. CNN released info that she won’t be back to co-host their annual New Year’s Eve Live program.

The President and its family are shocked by this gesture. They say that their children are having a hard time processing the information. Melania Trump gave an official statement for the images, where she stresses out that this photo is simply wrong.

What’s Kathy Griffin’s Next Step?

Due to this notorious image, in the past few days, Kathy Griffin has been publicly criticized, defended, lost her gig with CNN, and she apologized. Now, according to recent information, she’s lawyering up.

Apparently, she hired the celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom to help her respond to the bullying from the Trump family, and to explain the image to the public. At this time, it’s not very clear what they mean under “bullying”, but we eagerly wait for the press conference!

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