Homemade Coconut Dark Chocolate Cups That Speed Your Metabolism And Accelerate Weight Loss

The coconut palm and its fruit grow in tropical places but today you can find them anywhere around the world. The coconut has many uses it is used as a food, drink, or in medicine and cosmetics.In traditional medicine, coconut is used by patients for a variety of diseases.

It is helpful against flu and cold, bronchitis and asthma, pneumonia, digestive disorders, and obesity. Besides, coconut is recommended for herpes, hepatitis C, diseases caused by bacteria (throat inflammation, gum disease, urinary tract infections). It also helps in the treatment of kidneys stones because it contributes to the degradation of the stones.

To make something delicious with coconut we suggest trying the dark chocolate filled with coconut cup. They are very easy to make but really delicious.

Coconut Dark Chocolate Cups

You will need:

  • 300 grams of dark chocolate
  • 30 grams organic unsweetened coconut flakes flour
  • 105 grams (1/2 cup) coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon coconut extract (optional)


For starters, prepare the molds by placing paper cupcake baking cups into the muffin pan.

Then, dissolve the chocolate over a steam and add one spoonful of melted chocolate in each cup. Using a kitchen brush put a thick layer of chocolate on the sides of the cup and allow it to harden.

In a bowl mix the coconut flakes with the coconut oil and extract. Once they combine, fill the chocolate cup with the resulting coconut mixture. Afterwards, with a help of a spoon put one spoonful of chocolate on top of the coconut filling, flatten the surface and place the muffin pan in the fridge to harden.

After half an hour the chocolate will harden and you can remove the cups from the fridge. Then, serve the dark chocolate coconut cups with a glass of coffee or tea.

coconut dark chocolate

This is the easiest dessert that contains no sugar, no dairy, and no gluten. Moreover, it contains saturated fat consisting of a fatty acid chain will speed up your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Dessert and losing weigh in one recipe? Count us in.

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