Crying Doesn’t Make You Weak, On Contrary You Are Emotionally Intelligent Person

From a young age, they taught us that crying, especially in public places, is a sign of weakness. Society forces us not to express emotions because we will look weak and spoiled. However, we don’t agree with this.

Sometimes we were holding too much in and a good cry can help us heal and move on. Emotional crying is a healthy way to cope with stress or emotions. Scientists have found that tears contain stress hormones such as cortisol, prolactin, a natural painkiller (leu-enkephalin), and mood-regulating manganese.

It is because of the combination of all of the above that you feel better when you cry. As the stress hormone leaves the body, mental health improves and the person feels better.

Crying Is Not A Weakness: It’s A Therapy For Our Soul

Sometimes a song or a movie scene makes us cry. Having a bad day, or remembering a traumatic event can also make us cry. But, sometimes we want to cry for no appearing reason. That’s ok, it is nothing to be ashamed for. According to psychologists crying is a sign of emotional intelligence. Crying is especially important in relieving sadness after a traumatic event. Tears in these cases allow us to express psychic pain in physical form.

Crying is important during the process of grieving after the death or loss of dear ones. It helps us to accept the new situation, to let go of the past and to create the foundations for the continuation of a fulfilling life. Tears seem to heal painful scars on the soul so we can continue to live open hearts.

Otherwise, if we often suppress strong emotions and not allowing the body to detox through crying, we are damaging our body. If we think it would be too complicated or too painful (for us and others) to hold the tears, they don’t disappear but become a kind of poison that can make us even more hurt.

Crying is our need to energetically reset. It allows us to eject the accumulated, repressed emotions that build up in us that cause toxicity. So, in order to stay healthy and get rid of all that we have accumulated, we need to be able to support and understand and then allow ourselves to cry.

So, if you suppress the tears and show no emotion, it can lead to anger and depression. What is the solution? Don’t throw your emotions under the rug and let it all out. You will feel so much better.


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