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Dandelion Is Not A Weed. It Keeps The Bones Healthy, Cleanses The Liver And Heals Psoriasis And Eczema

Dandelion is a nutritious and extremely useful plant that covers meadows and our lawns in the spring. It has long been considered a useless weed, but over time studies found that it contains many valuable ingredients that have a beneficial effect on our body. However, various medicinal preparations are made from dandelions. One of them is dandelion honey – a nutritious and delicious food. You can use dandelion in your salad or for a cup of tea.

Dandelion And Its Health Benefits

Dandelion is a plant that adapts to all types of soil. It develops a spindly and strong root that goes up to 30 centimeters deep. Besides, it has distinctive yellow flowers that develop on top of the hollow stalks. The stalks, like other parts of the dandelion, contain a milky juice. Propagated by wind,  it grows on all green areas, pastures, and gardens.

In other words, for the preparation of dandelion honey, salad, dandelion tea or tincture, you should harvest it in the spring (April and May).

Moreover, the plant is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, K, B, and E. It contains inulin and polysaccharide (fiber). According to research by Belgian scientists, dandelion has probiotic properties and promotes the development of “good” bacteria.

1. Diuretic properties

Dandelion has a diuretic effect and helps your kidneys eliminate the excess fluid from your body. Furthermore, research shows that 1 cup of dandelion tea is enough to reduce bloating.

2. Healthy bones

Thanks to the mineral calcium and vitamin K that this plant contains, it provides everything that our body needs for strong bones and good protection against osteoporosis.

3. Perfect substitute for coffee

Dandelion tea is a powerful antioxidant and is full of minerals. Additionally, it restores energy to the body without containing caffeine. More fascinatingly, it treats caffeine addiction. So if you like, start your morning with dandelion tea instead of coffee.

4.Promotes liver health

Studies found that dandelion tea is very beneficial for liver disease.  Dandelion root is very appreciated in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda). Because, it stimulates bile flow in the liver, which significantly reduces the symptoms of liver disease.

5. Helps with eczema and acne problems

You should directly apply dandelion to acne-affected areas and it will prevent microbial infections. Due to the abundance of vitamin C in its composition, it accelerates the healing of wounds and makes the scars less visible. In addition to the above, it is successful in treating eczema, various thickening of the skin relieves itching and redness.


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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

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