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Deaf Guy Adopts A Cute Deaf Puppy And Teaches Him Sign Language

The possibilities of human beings are very different. However, there are these people who give us the impression that they do almost everything without any effort. Everything seems to be good for them. However, the rest of us have to struggle to improve our skills as we try to improve those aspects where we are less talented. The same thing happens to animals. They also have to overcome different obstacles.

When we think about adopting a dog, which is always the best option, we think about what characteristics we want to have. We choose the breed and its size. We think about the social skills of the dog. Will it live with children, or the activities we want to do with him. In short, we consider many details.

But, what if we made a choice in the opposite direction? We can think about what we can do for the animal, not what he can do for us. There are pets that have certain characteristics, whether born or accidentally, at first, they seem less attractive. If you choose one of these animals, you will receive all the love in the world and gain a true friend.

This is the story of one deaf puppy adopted by a guy who is also deaf that will warm your heart and bring some positive vibes in your life.

Emerson The Deaf Dog Who Knows Sign Language

31-year-old Nick Abbott was born deaf. He adopted a small black Labrador mix named Emerson. Emerson suffered from parvovirus which left him deaf. Once Emerson fought the virus he was put up for the adoption.

Lindsey Powers of the animal welfare organization say they discovered Emerson was deaf when he returned from his first visit to the vet. In any case, this is no obstacle for Emerson and he enjoys everything other dogs enjoy. Fortunately, though his life was not his happiest so far, he got his well-deserved happy ending.


When the organization announced on social media that Emerson needed a family, they did not expect everything to be resolved in a few weeks. Abbott called them and asked about Emerson, and then told them that he was deaf as well and that he felt the two would be a great match.

When they met, they immediately made a connection. Nick’s mother says they were destined to be together. It is amazing and at the same time touching how Emerson trusts Nick and how he relies entirely on him. Also, Nick teaches him sign language, for starters with easy commands like come, lie down and sit.

The truth is that the dog is man’s best friend. Nick is so blessed to find his own, Emerson is even happier because he has found a human being who will adore and care for him.

deaf puppy

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Image from nickandemerson


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