Goodbye Dentures And Dental Implants! In Near Future Dentists Will Be Able To Grow New Teeth!

A smile is attractive only if it reveals healthy teeth. Also, a mouth full of healthy teeth is extremely important for the overall health. Thus, regular visits to your dentists are an essential routine.

Sweets and sugary drinks are enemy No. 1 to your teeth. In order to preserve them in good health, it’s necessary to reduce the intake of sugar to a minimum.

For instance, in developed countries, a higher emphasis is put on caries prevention than on its treatment. So, periodic dental controls are a must have!

For the prevention of caries, good oral hygiene is very important. Also, we have to increase the intake of the vitamins A, C, and D, and the minerals fluoride and calcium.

But sometimes, if we’re not able to maintain a good oral hygiene, or due to poor tooth quality, it may come to a tooth loss. If this is the case, then dentures or teeth implants are inevitable for you, if you want to be able to eat normally and smile. But, science has new hope for people without teeth. New research shows that in the near future, dentists will be able to grow new teeth. Intriguing, right?

In Near Future Dentists Will Be Able To Grow A New Set Of Teeth

According to recent research, dentists will soon be able to replace dentures and teeth implants with new set of teeth, grown from tooth forming cells.

UK researchers have implanted human gum tissue and tooth forming cells in mice, which helped introduce a revolutionary novelty in dentistry. Namely, with this method, dentists will be able to grow new teeth with enamel and dentin. But, it seems that the study needs a little more time to be developed before being passed on to dental practitioners.


Scientists believe that it is only a matter of time when this technique will become a common practice in dentistry, because dentists already use different cellular approaches to provide their patients with new ways of treatment. However, experts agree that the dentistry needs to overcome many obstacles before this discovery is available to patients.

Will dentists help you to grow new teeth?

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