10 Dip Dyed Wedding Dress Ideas That Will Add A Burst Of Color To Your Big Day

The days of simple white wedding dresses are long gone. The white wedding dress will always be a symbol of classicism and elegance, but if you are saturated with whiteness and love colors, dip it in color and turn it into masterpieces. Instagram is flooded with colorful wedding dresses lately, painted with the ‘dip-dye’ technique and we have to admit they look amazing.

The lower part of the wedding dress is colored in such a way that the color changes from a lighter to an increasingly darker shade.

In addition to the aesthetic impression, wedding dresses like this solve one big problem. Namely, wedding dresses often touch the ground and get dirty quickly, so a colorful edge is a really practical solution.

Amazing Dip Dyed Wedding Dresses

The good news? There are lots of simple DIY instructions if you want to manually add your own personal touch. You will need fabric dye of your choice, dye salt, and natural fabric.

The process is very similar to dyeing any fabric. If you haven’t done anything like that, it goes something like this. Fill a bucket with warm water and mix the dye and salt in it. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Always follow the instructions that are presented on the packaging. Soak one-third of the fabric in the bucket and leave it for half an hour to 45 minutes. Check the color afterward if it’s too light for you, leave it for a bit longer. Just remember every fabric is different and it can color differently.

When getting the color you want, soak another third fabric in the bucket, but shorten the time. For example, if you achieved the wanted color of the first third of the fabric after 30 minutes, the second third should be soaked for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure for the 1/6 of the fabric but this time shorten the soaking time even more. By doing this the fabric color will dye very pale so you get this dip ombre effect. Leave the last 1/6 of the fabric in the original color.

In the end, remove the fabric from the bucket and let it drip for a couple of seconds. Rinse the fabric in cold water and then put it in the washing machine. Wash it on 40 degrees cycle. This way you will not remove the color from the fabric.

However, you should know that every fabric is different and polyester and other man-made fabrics require other types of dyes. If this process is too much for you can always buy a finished product. Our favorite picks are from Taylor Ann, which are so mesmerizing and beautiful.  Here are some of our favorite dip dye wedding dresses.

wedding dress

wedding dress

wedding dress

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