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Ditch The Hair Dye And Rock Your Grey Hair. These Women Are Inspiring Everyone To Do So!

If we should list some of the first signs of aging, possibly we will mention the wrinkles, loose skin and, gray hair of course. And although the graying of hair is the completely normal course, most women, as well as men, do not like it.

Only a few people are unconcerned when they spot gray hair in a mirror. But gray hair isn’t that bad actually it’s very trendy. Have you ever wondered why your hair starts to grey?

Why Your Hair Slowly Turns Gray

When we age the natural hair color begins to fade because of the activity in cells that are producing melanin drops. This is the reason why your hair loses its color. However, it is more complicated than that.  Graying hair can be a result of your lifestyle. It appears much earlier than the thirties. The causes can be an unhealthy diet, stress, damaging habits like smoking, but also the usage of chemical hair products. Premature graying hair can also be affected by a range of health issues such as thyroid dysfunction and deficiency in vitamin B.

Grey Hair Don’t Care

I was 24 when I noticed the first grey hair due to thyroid condition. After a while that one hair becomes a few more and now it is a full strand. At first, I was angry thinking that I should color my hair for the rest of my life which is kind of annoying when you are young. As years passed by I get used to that grey hair and now I don’t even perceive it. I kind of like it. I decided to let my hair age naturally, so I can show that age is not the problem, but the way we look at ourselves, and in self-esteem.

So, if you decide to keep your grey hair go for it! Just make sure to properly nourish it. Gray hair is naturally coarser and more rigid because it loses keratin as well, the basic structure hair protein. Therefore, it is less elastic and drier. Moreover, if you choose to keep your grey hair condition it regularly after shampooing to keep it sleek and healthy. Also, use stronger treatments (hair masks or professional salon treatments) once in a while. They will give you shine are definition. You should not maltreat your grey hair or leave it messy, trim it regularly every four to six weeks.

Famous women who wear natural gray hair as a trademark are a great inspiration for a beautiful hairstyle. Take a look at Helen Mirren or Keanu Reeves’s girlfriend Alexandra Grant they are beautiful. As there are many other women on Instagram who rock grey hair and look gorgeous.

The bottom line is you should do whatever you comfortable; if you like your grey hair let it grow if you don’t dye it out. In the end, you should feel good about yourself and boost your self-esteem.

grey hair


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