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DIY Dried Aromatic Herb Sticks To Refresh And Bring Positive Energy In Your Home

If you have the habit of buying more herbs than you are spending and often your plants dry then this article is for you. If you did not know these herbaceous plants are used for the ages for living space refreshment in many cultures around the world. Moreover, in some parts of our planet are used as a part of religious and ceremonial rituals.

The Indians used sage to clear the space from evil spirits, and basil is still used today for some church ceremonies. Anyway, this is really a great way to use spice herbs, especially if you enjoy these kinds of strong aromas.

You can use these herbs as an air freshener. Here’s how you can easily make scented sticks from herbs.

How To Make Dried Aromatic Herb Sticks

You will need the following ingredients:

  • Fresh leaves of herbs (sage, lavender, cedar, thyme, rose, rosemary, juniper, and eucalyptus)
  • Cotton rope


Make a little herb bouquet by taking 8-10 steams with leaves( you can use a single herb or combine a few herbs). Then, gather the leaves and mold them into oblong form. Afterward, tighten them well with the cotton rope. Wrap the bouquet well with the rope so it does not fall apart and let it dry in fresh air.

When the stick is completely dry, light it up the tip of the stick with the help of a lighter. Afterward, just leave it to release the aroma. You can use the dry herb sticks in open and closed spaces. But, make sure to place them in an ashtray that is fire resistant such as glass or porcelain ashtray. Or, take the herb stick and wave gently with it around your home so you can spread the aroma everywhere. But, be careful and don’t hold it near anything that can catch fire like curtains, furniture, and clothes.

Once you do the procedure make sure you stub it by sticking it into salt or sand. You can use the aromatic stick again and again until you burn it completely.

This aromatic ritual will refresh your home and promote calmness, happiness, stability and positive energy. Each of the herbs has a different effect on the living space and you. So pick the right ones and relax.

herb sticks

Reference: 9 Herbs You Can Burn as Incense
Burning Aromatic Dried Herbs
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