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DIY Homemade 2- Ingredient Eye Cream For Fine Lines And Dark Circles

Good face creams are usually expensive, especially those for the eye area because they actively reduce wrinkles and dark circles. Instead of buying these types of creams you can easily make one by yourself in 5 minutes.

It is said that this eye cream is the best in the world in the domain of home-made products and that by its result it can be compared with some of the most expensive and most precious creams of this type. It is interesting that you only need two natural ingredients to make it.

Homemade 2-Ingredient Eye Cream

You will need:

– 1 part raw organic extra-virgin coconut oil

– 1 part vitamin E capsules or vitamin E oil

Optional: 1 part evening primrose oil


Place the coconut oil in a small clean jar. Then, to dissolve it, heat the jar with the coconut oil in warm water. Drill a hole in the vitamin E capsule and add this oil in the jar (it would be best to find pure organic vitamin E oil, but if you can’t the capsules will do the job ). Regarding the quantity, it depends on how much eye cream you want to make just make sure to keep the 50:50 ratio.

At the end, you can add a bit of evening primrose oil, which is known as a good remedy against aging skin. Mix everything with a spoon and your eye cream is ready. Apply it in a circular motion twice a day in small quantities. It absorbs into the skin very quickly.

The coconut oil will act as a protective antioxidant and promotes regeneration of the tissues and skin. It’s very moisturizing and has a pleasant smell.

eye cream

Vitamin E is the most common ingredient in skin care products, and for several good reasons:  it has antioxidant properties, protects the skin cells from UV radiation, pollution and other elements that “produce” free radicals that damage the skin. Also, this oil helps the skin to look younger, reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles on the face.

Reference: All Natural Eye Cream With Oils For Dark Circles And Fine Lines
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