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DIY Natural Pesticides- 5 Easy Recipes That Actually Work

Free your garden and home from the small but also from those more bigger plant attackers with pesticides that you can make in your home of simple ingredients in just 5 minutes. These mixtures, which we suggest, are quite natural, eco-friendly options, and are as effective as industrial pesticides. Your goal is to keep your home and garden healthy, but preferably without the heavy chemicals.

Natural options and solutions always exist. You can find answers to almost all of the problems in nature. It’s a good thing that many people work daily to get acquainted with the secrets of nature and spread the solutions among other people. Join them and this time, make your natural pesticides. They will help you to solve the attackers, who infest your plants, bugs and other small varmints.

5 Natural Pesticides That Will Protect Your Plants

Garlic spray

Spray from garlic is one of the most famous natural pesticides. In 1 liter of water, add ten garlic cloves (you can also add 1 teaspoon of cayenne peppers). Put it on the stove, and cook it for about 15 minutes. After that, remove from heat, cover and let it stand until the liquid completely cools down. Strain the liquid, and then pour into the spray bottle. Spray on and around your houseplants or pours around the plant, if they are planted in the garden. This spray can stand in the fridge for 10 days.

Basil spray

For this spray, you need: 4 cups of water, 1 cup fresh or 2 tsp dried basil and 1 tbsp liquid detergent for dishes.

In the larger pot, put the water to boil, add the basil leaves, and cook for 3 minutes. Remove it from the heat, cover and leave until it cools down. Add the liquid detergent into the liquid and pour into the spray bottle. This spray is very effective pesticide against aphid.


What you need to do is dilute 2 tablespoons of salt in 5.7 liters of water. Let it stand for five minutes. Use this mixture to protect your plants from caterpillars, worms, spiders and similar insects.

In a similar way, you also use Epsom salt against black spots and stains on the leaves, mold, wilting and similar diseases. Dissolve 60 grams of Epsom salt in 7.5 liters of water and spray the mixture on your plants.

Citrus spray

For this blend, you will need two cups of orange or lemon peel and 4 cups of water. Heat the water and remove from the stove, add the peels in it, cover and let it cool down. Strain it and use against whitefly aphids.


Although it sounds weird, tobacco has proven to be one of the best homemade pesticides. The tobacco spray is excellent against aphids especially when it comes to garden plants.Then, you need to immerse pure, organic tobacco in 3.8 liters of water and let it stand. When the water becomes light brown and resembles the color of tea, strain the liquid and the resulting tobacco water spray it on the attacked plants. However, this spray must not be used on plants such as tomato, pepper or eggplant.

natural pesticides

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