DIY Waxing Paste For Removing Unwanted Hairs Suitable For Any Skin Type. Here’s To Use It At Home

It seems that no hair removal agent is effective enough. Removing hair with a razor blade has a disadvantage that does not remove them from the root, so new hairs quickly grow back. Electric epilators were a big hit for some time, but this technique does not remove the hair evenly and there is a risk of hair growth. Laser depilation is an expensive method, and tweezers are only good for eyebrows and individual single hairs.

Wax depilation in cosmetic salons is quite painful and can cause a skin rash or allergic reactions. After all, you are never sure of the hygienic conditions in the cosmetic salons because the wax is often used repeatedly which is very bad.

If you are tired of constantly scheduling appointments and going to beauty salons for depilation, the good news is that you can do it yourself. You can successfully remove unwanted hair in your bathroom without expensive cosmetic treatments. The results will be equally successful. Depilation with sugar paste also known as Egyptian depilation is the best way of waxing in home conditions. Moreover, it is cheaper and cleaner method, and the possibility of developing an allergy is minimal. There will be no ingrown hairs and skin irritation. This method is less painful compared to the pain caused by a cold or hot wax depilation in salons. This method reduces the number of hair, and they become weaker and softer over time.

DIY Sugar Paste For Home Depilation

To make a homemade sugar paste you will need:

  • a bowl with a thick bottom
  • two cups of sugar
  • 1/8 cup of water
  • Quarter a cup of lemon juice


Put the water, lemon juice, and sugar in the cooking pot. Then dissolve this mixture and continue cooking until the mixture starts to boil. Simmer it until the mixture gets a golden color, which is after 5 minutes.

Later, take it off from the stove and let it cool down. To make sure you did everything well, you can easily test your sugar paste. A good mixture for depilation is the one that is sticky and which stretches into strands.

You can use store-bought tape for depilation, but you also can make them yourself from old cotton cloths.

How To Do It

First, clean the skin that you will wax. Apply the sugar paste to the place from which you want to remove unwanted hair with the help of blunt knife in the direction of hair growth. Take one strap and press it on the sugar past. And, then remove it in one quick motion in the opposite direction. When you finish waxing, remove the excess with baby oil, then apply a little bit of baby powder on top of it. Dust the baby powder off your skin and apply body lotion. Do not keep the used paste for the next time. You should throw it away.

This homemade paste for waxing is also recommended for the removal of hairs from bikini area because these body parts are the most sensitive. Also, the paste is excellent for removing the hair from the legs, face, and arms. But be careful when you use it on the face.

You can use the sugar paste two or three times a week and later only once a month because your body hairs will considerably reduce from it.paste

This method is suitable for any type of skin – whether you have oily, dry or mixed skin, feel free to use it. Women who have problems with enlarged veins or burst capillaries can use it also. You only need to make sure that you don’t use hot sugar paste because you can burn and damage the skin.


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