A Dragonfly Can Kill 100 Mosquitoes In A Day. Grow These Plants To Attract Dragonflies!

Dragonflies represent a small group of insects that play a significant ecological role in freshwater ecosystems, and in addition, represent important indicators of status and changes in habitat. They are one of the oldest known insects on Earth whose fossil record is more than 300 million years old. These insects are 100 million years older than dinosaurs and 150 million years older than birds.

You can’t deny dragonflies are pretty marvelous even their name sounds majestic. What you didn’t know is that these insects eat other insects like mosquitoes, beetles, wasps, moths, etc.  The dragonfly is nature’s most capable killing instrument with unmatched flying skill, refined vision and sharp jaw that catches even the fastest prey.

Dragonflies And Mosquitoes

Аs we mention above dragonflies are the worst enemies of mosquitoes. Besides feeding on them, they produce a sound during the flight that makes mosquitoes wander off. The wings of the dragonfly produce a low-frequency sound, between 20 and 170 hertz. So, when these bloodsuckers hear it they know what is coming and in fear fly away as far as they can.

That is why having dragonflies around in your garden will be the best natural pest control. Nature is a pretty amazing thing, right?

Therefore, how can you attract dragonflies? The answer is simple: with your garden. They love certain types of plants that you can plant this upcoming spring and keep mosquitoes away.

Plants That Dragonflies Adore

First things first, there are two types of plants that attract the dragonflies: the pond plants and the land plants.

The pond plants

Dragonflies love water they hunt in it, play in it and reproduce in it. Hence, creating a pond in your backyard is a great idea. Put rocks inside it to help the larvae grow and hide, as well as small sticks so they can land on them.

  1. Water lily

Water lilies help dragonflies to lay eggs. Plant them in pots under the surface of the water, place rocks so they can sink. The flowers and leaves will hover on the water exterior.

  1. Wild celery

People who have aquariums usually know this plant. Moreover, it is a great home for dragonflies. Take the celery tubes and put them in cheesecloth packed with stones and mud.  Place them in the bottom of your pond.

  1. Arrowhead

Dragonflies love this plant because they can land on it or leave eggs. In spring, take the plant tubes and press it on the water surface. Put something to keep it down and don’t worry about the soaked leaves. The leaves will develop very quickly.

The land plants

  1. Meadow sage

Meadow Sage is a plant with gorgeous purple flowers. If you decide to plant it in your garden, you will need to provide it with sufficient heat, which is why it is planted in April and May. It needs to be fertilized every month and a half. The soil type is not too sensitive. You can plant it in jars and then transfer it to the garden soil.

  1. Black-eyed Susan

This plant is similar in appearance to chamomile but differs from it in different shades of flowers. It grows on all soils, but only on nutritious soils will the bush grow better and the flowers will grow large. Black-eyed Susan will attract pollinators and other insects like butterflies.

  1. Joe-Pye Weed

This plant is unknown to gardeners. But if you grow it, you will be really pleased about its tender appearance. This plant likes moist loose soil, but it can grow into other types of soil as well. You can plant it in the fall or around mid-summer. In nature, it cultivates exactly on damp areas near water. With its vanilla smell, this plant attracts the prey.


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