The Easiest Way To Grow Onions Indoors During Wintertime

You can easily grow onions during wintertime if you plant them the right way. Experts say that onions contain a bioflavonoid known as quercetin which is good in fighting allergies, inflammation, cancer and heart disease. It is considered the king of bioflavonoids.

Sulfur compounds in the onion offer a number of health benefits that should not be ignored. Sulfur compounds can help prevent blood clotting and hence act as a top quality natural blood thinner. Moreover, this vegetable can prevent cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and arteriosclerosis.

After knowing all this, it’s time to show you how to grow onions at home during wintertime.

How To Grow Onions At Home

You will need:

  • Bulbs of onions
  • Plastic bottle
  • Soil


First, get a slightly wider and bigger 5-liter plastic bottle. Then, wash it well and cut off its tip, just underneath the line where it starts the bottleneck. Drill the bottle with as many openings as you own onion bulbs. Make sure the holes are big enough that the top of the bulb can pass throughout them. Once you’ve done this step it’s time to arrange your sprouts.

Next, follow these steps: in the bottle alternately align the soil and the bulbs, so that the top of the bulb is in the soil and its end from which the sprout will grow to get through the bottle hole. Arrange them until you fill the bottle with the soil and all the holes with the onion bulbs.

When you’re done, put the bottle near a window that reaches the most daylight and get ready for your first onion sprouts. The bottle doesn’t take too much space of your room and will not bother you while you clean your room.

This way you will always have fresh organic onions at home, that you can use for various dishes and salads. Cool, right?


Reference: Growing Onions Vertically On The Windowsill

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