Easy And Healthy Snack Suggestions For People Who Suffer From Diabetes

Diabetes as a disease has increased dramatically in incidence in the past few decades. Poor dietary choices are the main reason for the rise. Luckily, there’s a surge of interest in healthy eating nowadays, which combats the fast and processed food supply. This interest is also noticeable in people who suffer from diabetes.

Diabetics need snacks and need to watch for blood sugar spikes. Foods high on the glycemic index, which include most refined carbohydrates, cause these spikes. The drop afterward can leave you hungry, tired and cause further insulin resistance.

The best way to maintain good blood sugar levels is through a proper diet and exercise. Evidence suggests that healthy eating can contribute to an actual cure for diabetes. Also, pre-diabetics and insulin resistance patients benefit greatly from exercise. Even more than healthy people!

With that being said, a diet that is low in carbohydrates, and supplies good fats and protein is a must for anyone suffering from diabetes. Like meals, snacks should have a mix of all three calorie types. Choose vegetables with a fatty protein, like celery and peanut butter, or low carb/no carb breading on vegetable, or protein snacks.

Additionally, calories also matter when looking at snacks. Fast foods and prepared foods contain far more calories in small portions than healthy or homemade snacks do. Thus, it’s recommendable to pack your own snack bags and to aim for 150 calories each. Nowadays, there are also pre-packaged snack foods, available in the recommended calorie range. But, many are still too high in carbohydrates. So, check the nutrition value before leaping on these snacks. Make sure they are good dietary choices, along with the calorie count.

Easy And Healthy Snacks For People Who Suffer From Diabetes

Here are some healthy snack ideas, which you can easily make.

  • Nut and cheese mixes
  • Avocado with egg, bacon, or protein slices
  • Hard boiled eggs with veggie sticks
  • Toasted sunflower, melon or pumpkin seeds
  • Vegetables with avocado based guacamole or hummus dip
  • No/low carb breading on vegetable bites
  • Fruit smoothies made with yogurt as a base
  • Chef salad of protein on greens and vegetables
  • Low carb crackers with peanut butter or nut butters
  • Sliced roast beef, rolled with lettuce and vegetables

Most of the best diabetic snacks are simply a good protein, vegetable type carbohydrate and some good fats. None should contain refined carbohydrates. But, if you have a craving, then try low carb crackers. Also, try to up the protein count, which can help you feel full faster.


Speaking of feeling full, high levels of protein in the diet are associated with satiety. This means that eating protein can keep the hunger or cravings at bay. If you have a snack meal where you can’t avoid a carbohydrate on the plate, opt to eat it last, if at all.

Understanding the crucial part that refined carbs play in glycemic load is the first step to building your own snacks easily. Keep the carbohydrates out and be creative. You’ll find plenty of ways to feel satisfied and still stay within the dietary guidelines for managing diabetes.

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