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Fight The Poor Circulation During The Cold Winter Naturally

Some of us hate winter because they can’t tolerate cold and it makes them sluggish. Those who hate winter prefer to spend the day in a warm place, wearing warm socks and cardigans but usually, the work drags them out on the wintry weather. It brings cold, and some seasonal problems such as cold feet and hands due to poor circulation.

Layered dressing, hot drinks (alcoholic beverages such as mulled wine), cotton clothing, comfortable, waterproof shoes, hats, scarves, gloves… seems to help a little bit. Despite all of this, we still feel cold. Find out which spices are ideal to warm you up and promote better circulation this winter.

How To Improve Poor Circulation Naturally


Maybe we are boring, but those who tried garlic know its miraculous power. Not only is it extremely healthy and will protect you from various illnesses, this vegetable will warm you up. It stimulates better circulation. Garlic is thermogenic, meaning it slightly increases the temperature of the body. It is also used to increase blood flow through the arteries. It is best to eat it raw; you can add it to salads, snacks, roasts, or on fish.

Cayenne peppers

They are a great shield against the cold because they raise the body temperature. In China and Italy cayenne peppers are especially used for better circulation. They are considered the main natural stimulant of circulation. In some cooler areas, people put little bit of ground peppers in their shoes and boots to solve the problem with cold feet. What you need to do is to sprinkle a little bit of cayenne pepper powder on your feet and then put your socks on.


No wonder cinnamon is considered one of the favorite winter spices. It is a good fighter against blood clots and therefore excellent ingredient if you suffer from poor circulation. You can add it in hot drinks, but also in cookies or in the morning oatmeal.


The best warmer among the teas is certainly the ginger. You can make a ginger bath by adding ginger powder or 230 grams freshly grated ginger in 2 liters of warm water. Cook this liquid on medium heat and then remove from the stove and leave it covered for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid and add it to your warm bath.  The ginger tea is also an excellent remedy for poor circulation. Drink at least one cup a day ginger tea during the winter.

poor circulation

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