Finding The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Have you ever seen a hairstyle that looks so good on someone that you secretly wish it was on your head? Have you taken it a notch further by taking pictures and having the same haircut done on you only to look far from the person you initially saw with it? I have, and it can be so devastating.

In the same way that we cannot all look good in the same clothes, because of our different body types and sizes, we cannot all look good with the same hairstyles. Our faces are shaped differently, and therefore, what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Here are tips on how to find the right hairstyle for your face shape.

Square Shape

If you have a square-shaped face, you stand a risk of looking too serious. To soften your looks, consider holding your hair into a loose ponytail, with loose strands around the face. A fun Y-haircut could also work.

Keeping your hair long and straight will also help soften your features. More or less, how Demi Moore wears her hair, with a center part and falling over her sides. This helps take attention from the jawline.

Heart Shape

Imagine wearing a face that constantly reminds people of love, and the joy and pain that comes with it? Nonetheless, all faces are beautiful. Most people with heart-shaped faces tend to be super conscious of their striking features, because the head tends to be wider at the forehead, coming to a point at the chin. Bangs, therefore, work perfectly for this face shape. Cuts and top knots that allow hair to fall right below one’s jaw are also very flattering. If your face is heart-shaped, you should also consider trying hair that drapes below your chin and around your face, so that the area around your face is filled.

Round Faces

This is the face shape often referred to as ‘baby face’. If you have this kind of face, chances are that you look younger than you actually are, with pronounced cheeks. You should seek to go for hairstyles that elongate your face, creating a more mature and attractive look, as opposed to a baby look.

Round face shaped people should stay away from circular coifs, because they only make your face look rounder. Instead, go for bangs swept to the side, and cuts that drop longer than the length around your chin.


Oval Faces

This face shape is the ideal because it’s balanced and looks good in almost any hairstyle. The trick is deciding on whether you want to emphasize the structure of your face or neutralize its sharper points, so as to balance it out. That way you can pick a style that softens your features, while defining its beautiful shape.

Long Faces

If you have a long face, go for fringe bangs, because they create an illusion of a wider face. Wearing long flat styles will only make your face look longer. Also, opt for layered waves and curls, which add volume and soften your face.

Now you know what to consider the next time you go make an appointment at your hairstylist.

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