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Avoid Going To The Repair Shop: Fix Car Scratches With 4 Simple And Cheap Tricks At Home

Scratches on the car are certainly the most unfortunate surprise for every driver. The deep scratches with keys or other sharp objects distort the appearance of each vehicle, but there is a fast and efficient solution to this problem.Scratches can be shallow and deep, and depending on this, they also require a different treatment.

For example, scratches made with a knife are shallow and flat, and those made with keys are curly and wavy because they are created by a blunt object, so be aware that, if you do not take proper care of it, you will further destroy the color of your car.

Simple Tricks To Fix Car Scratches At Home

  1. WD-40

You will not completely remove the scratches with WD-40 but they will surely stay hidden.  All you have to do is spray the WD-40 on the surface of the car with scratches and then rub it well with a paper napkin. Repeat this procedure once more and the scratches should be less visible.

  1. Toothpaste

Scratch removers are expensive, but toothpaste can hide minor scratches on the car. The toothpaste contains silicone that cleans the scratch and smooths the surface. Apply a little toothpaste to the damp sponge and rub with circular movements, then wipe with a soft cloth.

  1. Shoe polish

To remove the scratches on your car you can use wax but if you don’t own any you can use shoe polish to replace it. Shoe polish will get the job done and save you some money. What you should do is First clean the area to which you will apply shoe polish. Then, take a shoe polish that is a little darker than your car paint color and rub it on the scratch. That’s scratches

  1. Nail polish

You can use nail polish only in cases where the damage is small and should be quickly removed.  Because there is so much color variety of nail polish you will quickly find a suitable option for your panting color to cover a scratch. You should use light colored nail polish and apply a few layers on the scratch you want to polish. However, you should know that nail polish changes color when it dries off. That’s why you should test it first. Take a little piece of paper and smear a little bit of nail polish on it. Then, wait to dry and see if it goes with your painting color.

Reference: Forget going to the repair shop. Use these smart, cheap methods to fix car scratches at home

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