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How To Stop Your Car Windows From Fogging Up With A Sock

A large number of people are facing the problem of fogged windows on their car. Fogged window poses a great risk while driving. For example, it can easily lead you to hit a pedestrian or another vehicle when driving. It becomes even more dangerous when, for example, you driving on the road with more lanes and you try to change the lane.

How To De-Fog Your Car Windows Easily

First of all, do you know your windows get fogged during winter time? We answered this question for you. The air contains a certain amount of moisture. When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as, for example, a windshield in winter, a part of water vapor condenses and stays on that surface in the form of tiny drops.

To condense, the temperature of the cold surface must drop below a certain point. This point is called the dew point, and it depends on other factors, such as the relative humidity of the air. So, when we struggle against foggy windows, we actually “fight” against the point of dew.

This youtuber publishes various “how to” videos, and this time he offered a very simple solution to the annoying problem.

What you need is:

  • One pair of socks without holes
  • A tape
  • Silica crystal for cat litter


First, put the quality silica crystal in the sock, but do not fill the sock to the top! After that, tie the sock up and put it inside into the other sock. Next, place the “stocked” sock anywhere in your car cabin so that it can pull all the moisture out of it. If you want to keep it hidden you can put it under your driver’s seat.

The magic lies in the silica crystal which collects the excess of moisture from the air. Why didn’t we think of that? Anywho, for more detail on this awesome autumn and winter’s trick, we suggest you take a look at Dave’s video which has over 12,000,000 views on YouTube!

Reference: How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up


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