Gelatin Can Make Your Knee And Back Pain Disappear

If you suffer from pain in the knees, back, joints and neck, then this recipe is ideal for you. It will not only help you alleviate the pain, but it’ll also strengthen your bones. And, all you need to do is procure edible gelatin and consume it!

I already checked this recipe, and I can say that it really works! Thus, I decided to share it with you.

The recipe goes like this:

– Buy 150 grams of any edible gelatin, which you can find in any store. The amount will suffice for a month of treatment.

– Before going to bed, mix 5 grams of the gelatin (2 flat spoons) in a quarter glass of cold water. Leave the mixture overnight, to swell.

– In the morning, consume the gelatin on an empty stomach. To improve its taste, you can mix it with freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, almond milk or Greek yogurt. It’s up to you to choose!

For people with chronic pain, the treatment should be repeated for 6 consequential months. In this way, you’ll manage to restore the natural lubrication of your joints, and relieve the pain.

From personal experience, I can tell you that in just 7 days, I felt a relief from the back pain and neck stiffness. And I have been feeling them for months because of my job, which ties me to the desk and computer!

And, after a month of treatment, I felt much better! The back pain was almost gone!

If you suffer from painful joints, besides the gelatin treatment, you can also massage them with hot pepper oil.

Health Benefits Of Gelatin

Gelatin is a natural product, a protein of animal origin. It’s obtained by processing bones, connective tissues and cartilages of large horned cattle. This protein is actually collagen in its purest form, and it positively affects the state of the internal fibers and small vessels.

We can also say that this ingredient is 99 percent protein, and it has the following amino acids:

– Proline
– Hydroxyproline
– Glycine
– Glutamic acid
– Arginine
– Alanine
– Aspartic acid

These amino acids and the collagen have a positive effect on the recovery of the connective tissues and bones in the human body, and thus, are very important in the case of aching joints, as well as back pain and neck stiffness.


You can get the following health benefits from eating gelatin on a daily basis:

– Strengthen the joints
– Improve metabolism
– Weight loss
– Increase mental capacity
– Maintain a healthy skin condition
– Improve elasticity and strengthen the tendons and ligaments
– Prevent the development of brittle bones, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis
– Improve the growth and quality of hair and nails
– Aid in the treatment of dysplasia
– Accelerate recovery after intense exercise and after an injury

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